Debt-Free, Forever

How a 21-year old son of a Greek Emigrant Discovered a "Lost" Secret of Financial Success and saved his family from ruin when he was $96,000 in Debt. Today he's known as the $7 Billion Man.  He owns homes in three countries and travels the world speaking to sold-out audiences, teaching his "Debt Free, Forever" story.

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Dear Friend,

     If you're in debt or struggling to make ends meet and you think there's got to be a BETTER WAY - then I urge you to take a deep breath... and read every word of this letter. It may save your life. It may even save your marriage, your business and your friendships.

     Why? Because being in debt can literally ruin EVERY part of your life. It can tear families apart. It can destroy friendships. It can even cripple your health.

     On the other hand, getting out of debt and living debt free - forever, will allow you to develop yourself to the full. You'll be able to travel the world. Eat where you choose. Live in the home of your dreams. Perhaps even own homes in different countries, allowing you to explore life in every detail.

     Stress free. Debt free. Prosperously.

     Hi, my name is Matt Furey - and I understand what it's like to be beyond broke. I understand what it's like to have a mountain of debt. I understand what it's like to think that you'll never own your own home, that you'll always have to rent or lease or worry about a never-ending stack of bills.

     I can tell you what it's like to wonder how you're going to pay for your next meal. And I can relate to the person who may feel like scoffing at the idea of unlimited possibilities.

     Be totally debt-free? Yeah, I wish.

     Travel the world? Oh yeah, sure.

     Own a home on the beach in a foreign country? YEAH, RIGHT.

     That was how I thought back in the summer of 1995 - when I had nothing. Today... well, that's a different story.

     Like the $7 Billion Dollar man I'm going to introduce you to, a man whom I consider a coach and mentor - I also got out of debt. I saved my marriage. And I went on to earn a fortune that has allowed me to own a home overlooking the water on Hainan Island, considered by many to be the Hawaii of China.

Where would I be today without this mentor?

     I often wonder, where would I be today if it weren't for the man I learned this "lost secret" from? His name is Ted Nicholas - and he taught me that YES, there is a WAY to transform debt, no matter how large, into prosperity and riches.

     It's a WAY that worked for him decades ago, after his family emigrated to the United States from Greece. It's a way that worked for me - and it's a way that will work for YOU, too, if you're willing to listen and follow a few very simple principles that no one seems to be teaching anymore.

Magic Ways to Get Out of Debt

      I first came upon Ted's secret way out of debt in 1995, when I was more than $50,000 in debt and going nowhere in my career.

     Then one afternoon, I had one of those "life-changing" moments. I was reading a newspaper, subconsciously looking for a financial miracle - and I got one when I turned the page.

     I saw four magic words in a piece written by Ted, a best-selling author who has sold millions of copies of his books, world-wide, and has helped change the thinking and results of people who started with nothing but an idea - and a whole lot of debt.

     Even so, beginning with those first four magic words, and many others that followed soon afterward, I paid off all my debts, got the money I needed to finance my new career - and created a business that has allowed me to live the dream life I always wanted - but didn't think I could have.

From $96,000 in Debt to Millionaire in 3 Years

     But again, none of my success would have been possible if I didn't "turn the page" and discover Ted, the miracle man who knew "the secret" of eliminating all your money troubles forever.

     Ted started in business when he needed a major miracle. He was 21 years old when he got his big idea to open a hot fudge store. At the time he only had $88 dollars in his pocket - and $96,000 in debt.

     $88 was not enough to rent a building, much less buy it. Nor was it enough to rent the equipment and supplies he would need to make the fudge. Yet, he got everything he needed to get started.

     And within three years he was worth a million dollars.


How did he do it?

     Unlike the masses in today's world, Ted knew how to negotiate his way through life even when, on paper, he appeared to be at the mercy of everyone else. Well, as you'll soon learn yourself, he wasn't.

     Ted met with bankers, landlords, equipment contractors and so on.

     And when they met, Ted used certain MAGIC WORDS that parted the seas and influenced the powers-that-be in his favor. These words made Ted's ideas virtually irresistible. So much so that he got everything he needed up front to start his business, even when he didn't have the money.

     Imagine that!

     Three years later, Ted could proudly tell his wife and children that he was a millionaire.

Change your direction - change your life

     When I first heard Ted tell his story, I wondered if his methods were just as viable today as they were when he used them to go into business. Maybe they worked when he was 21, I thought, but what about now?

     Then I learned that Ted didn't just use the power of magic words when he was 21. He's still using them today. And not just in the U.S. And not just to open a business with no money down.

     Ted uses his ideas, concepts and words all over the world, even in Switzerland, where he was told by others that "the Swiss don't negotiate." Oh YES, they DO.

What about YOU?

     Now, you might be thinking: Okay, so these ideas worked for Ted. But what about the average man or woman who is in debt and wants to break from it, forever?

     Well, perhaps we can get to your story by learning about mine.

     I began using Ted's method when I was two months behind on rent. I began when I couldn't get a loan from the bank. I began when my landlord wouldn't allow me to use signage that would bring in more customers.

     I began when I was over $50,000.00 in debt.

     And guess what?

     By following Ted's advice I ended up getting the same type of results that he got. All my debt faded into the background and prosperity came forth.

     Today, like Ted, I don't owe anything to anyone. No debts whatsoever. No mortgages. No loans to pay back.

     Like Ted, I also own a home in a foreign country (China), and this proves the validity of what he says, straight down-the-line.

     In short, I made a decision to follow in Ted's footsteps.

     I CHOSE a NEW DIRECTION in LIFE - a direction that helped me become financially successful. A direction in which, like Ted, I have also held sold-out seminars teaching men and women from all over the world that you CAN make a difference in your own life, in the lives of others - and if you're daring enough, in the entire world.

Meeting the Miracle Man, in Person

     Recently I had the honor and privilege to sit together with Ted Nicholas in his living room to interview him on all the various ways people can get out of debt and prosper for the rest of their lives.

     The entire interview was recorded and played before a LIVE audience of men and women that I mentor and coach, many of whom are already wealthy. The you-could-hear-a-pin-drop silence in the room was unforgettable.

     My students took notes faster than I have ever seen. I walked around the room as the DVD played and whispered to various mentees, "What do you think?"

     In each and every case, I heard a variation of the following: "This DVD is incredible. This is information I wish I had 20 years ago. It would have saved me a fortune. And it's going to make me a fortune now. Can I get a copy for my son/daughter?"

     When the THINK AND LIVE DEBT-FREE FOREVER DVD ended, not only did my students want a copy of it, they even asked for it on CD so they could listen to it while driving.

Includes two versions of the interview:
1 audio disc
1 video disc

Full 39-page written transcript of the interview

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     At this point you're probably wondering what's covered on this DVD/CD, so let me get to some of the many, many highlights:

     On the THINK AND LIVE DEBT-FREE FOREVER DVD/CD, you'll learn:

How Ted Nicholas went from $96,000 in debt to millionaire status by age 21 WITHOUT a loan from a banker and with no money down for equipment he needed to start his business.

• The single worst investment Ted's father told him you can ever make in your life, and what to do if you've already made it!

How to get rid of mortgage payments, even if the banks have threatened you with foreclosure!

• The best investment you can ever make in your life that will never change, regardless of the economy!

What to say to a banker who won't help you renegotiate your loan? Your jaw will drop when Ted reveals this secret.

• 2 little-known secrets to wealth that you won't learn in Harvard Business School - or on Capitol Hill!

How to eliminate credit card debt NOW!

• The simple unvarnished truth about delayed gratification that will make you wonder why this isn't mandatory instruction in every home and school!

A conservative take on the Law of Attraction that includes the pitfalls you don't want to fall into as well as the results you want to create. Use LOA wrong and suffer. Use it right and WIN!

• The real secret of retiring as a millionaire!

How to cut expenses during tough times!

• The one thing poor people do that you don't want to imitate. Sadly, those who are in debt are doing so without realizing it!

How to immediately stop creditors from harassing you!

• How to gain a fresh start in business after a major financial setback!

Discover the very best solution for entrepreneurs who need money to start a business!

• How to wake up naked and broke in any city in the world and become a millionaire in 3 years or less!

How to completely overcome the nightmare of heavy debts and go on to earn a fortune!

• How to use magic words to get you anything you want in life, including the finest table in any restaurant!

Ted's previously unrevealed keys to living a lifetime of excellence!

• How to turn a car payment and a mortgage you can no longer afford into cash in your pocket!

And much more!

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YOU, Debt-Free... Forever

      Imagine this: You're sitting in your living room right now with a pad and pen in hand, listening to and absorbing the wisdom being shared on THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER. You then begin using and applying what you hear, even if you don't believe it will work 100% for you.

     Regardless, within a short period of time you've taken charge of your debts and all the people whom you feel oppressed by. And before you know it, you're totally debt free.

     Even better, project yourself five, ten or 20 years into the future. Tell me, how would it feel to have all that agonizing, crippling, life sucking debt removed from your life, never to return for the rest of your life?

     How would you feel if you not only eliminated all your debts forever, but you saved your life, your marriage and everything you value along with it?

     Pretty awesome, right?

     Well, guess what? Ted and I have put together an extraordinary package, designed to give you the debt-free, hassle-free forever lifestyle you want and deserve.

     Not only do you get the THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER DVD/CD, which contains vitally important information that can save and make you a fortune - but you also get a transcript of the entire interview as well.

     As you know, the best ways to learn something new are:

To read it

• To listen to it

• To watch and listen

     And so, this valuable program includes:

1. A full written transcript of the interview

2. The full interview on CD recording

3. The entire interview on DVD

      This complete package gives you the option of viewing it on your TV or computer screen in the comfort of your home. Or, if you prefer you may play the CD disc in your car.

Includes two versions
of the interview:
1 audio disc
1 video disc

Full 39-page written transcript of the interview

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      With complete access to all three methods to help you master this invaluable information, you are in good hands.

      But wait, that's not all!


     In addition to the THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER program, Ted and I are also going to give you two best-selling products - which are perfect companions to the program - absolutely FREE. But only if you're one of the first 97 people to respond to this offer TODAY.

     Your first free bonus is a special report called...

"The Ted Nicholas
Investment System"

      Once you actually do become debt free, you'll naturally want to start increasing your wealth. In this valuable report, Ted reveals his secrets step by step of how to get your growing savings to start earning big money for you.

     This special report alone is worth the price of the Debt Free program! And we're giving it to you FREE!

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Another Wallet-Fattener for You

     Plus, we're going to sweeten the pot even more by giving you a copy of my best-seller...

"101 Ways to
Magnetize Money"

     This pivotal, ground-breaking book literally walks you through the physical, mental and spiritual process used by forever debt-free and forever prosperous people.

     Almost from the moment I announced this book a year ago, it started flying off the shelves. Within its pages you'll find one riveting principle after another that will help you wipe debt out of your life as you attract greater abundance.

     So you can see, Ted and I have "gone the extra mile" to help you throw off the blanket of debt and despair and replace it with a priceless cloak of prosperity and abundance.

     But we're not stopping there.

     As soon as you place your order for the THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER program, you'll be able to download the two free bonuses instantly so you can get started immediately.

     While you're reading the two free books we'll put your THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER program in the mail to you.

On Price and Value

     Many years ago I read a famous quote that said, "A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing."

     Well, that line comes to mind when I think of anyone who has the audacity to balk at the incredibly low amount we're charging for all this information. Anyone who thinks that $97 is too much to pay for the life-saving knowledge Ted shared in this package is obviously forgetting how much pain, misery and unhappiness being in debt has caused you.

     The interest alone that people pay on credit cards, mortgages and car payments, each and every month, easily exceeds the small amount we're asking for this program. And then, when you think about increasing your earning power by double, triple or more - how could you ever say anything except, "I want it. Get me that program."

     If you'd rather keep paying high interest rates, if you'd rather let all the banks and financial institutions continue to rob you blind, if you'd rather stay ignorant of the methods that led a 21-year old son of a Greek emigrant from Greece from near bankruptcy to $7 Billion dollars - then so be it.

     Keep trying to figure it out on your own. Perhaps you will in 10, 20 or 30 years, after what could have been your life savings is in someone else's hands.

     OR... do what I did in 1995. Do what my students were doing when I showed them this program last month. GET the THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER program and make the pain of debt evaporate. Far better to get rid of the pain of debt than to live with the pain of regret for the rest of your life.

     The choice is yours ... it always has been ... now you realize there really is a better way, an easier way.

     Reserve your copy of THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER now, while it's fresh in your mind.


Matt Furey

P.S. THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER comes with two life-changing bonuses. The first is "THE TED NICHOLAS 20-MINUTE-A-YEAR INVESTMENT SYSTEM". This report alone is worth the price of the program. The second is "101 WAYS TO MAGNETIZE MONEY" which some believe ought to be required reading in all of our schools and institutions. Both of these come FREE if you're one of the first 97 people to claim your copy TODAY.

Praise for Think and Live Debt Free, Forever

Watching Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever was like a private audience with a billionaire. Everyone needs to see this to live free and clear. It will change the way you think-and live.

Stephen Hultquist

Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever is a brilliant interview between two well-known master marketers who lived the story from debt to wealth. Many of us have lived the 1st part, but not the best part. In clear and simple language, Ted Nicholas offers practical and well-grounded rules that anyone can apply. Ted's personal plan can heal your financial pain so you can live your own story, from debt to wealth.

Corinne Bell-Rummel, Ph.D
Knoxville, TN

More than just living debt-free, Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever opened my eyes to many ways to improve my life and enhance my freedom. Even more important, it contains lesson I need to pass on to my children so they can have long, rich, debt-free lives as well.

Charles Vollum
Hillsboro, OR

After watching Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever, I no longer have fear in these scary financial times. Even if I had to start over, I realize I could do it without any money in the bank.

D. Cardona, M.D.
Cold Spring, KY

Think & Live Debt-Free Forever is the essential guide to survive tough times that no one else is willing to teach you. Simple, practical, proven ideas that will change how you live your life from now on.

David Gruttadaurio

What's it worth to you to have 2 multi-millionaires explain exactly how they went from empty pockets & tons of debt to financial freedom and prosperity? You don't need complicated formulas when you're under pressure from debt....You need quick & powerful solutions that work to make you financially free. After you watch Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever, you will have a list of things you can easily get up out of your chair & do right now. Kill your debt & put money in your pocket.

Charles Runels, M.D.
Fair Hope, AL

I've studied self-improvement for years, but NEVER before have I seen more gems of absolute brilliance put in such simple and attainable ways for everyone to achieve as this. Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever made me want to run-not walk-to implement each and every thing I learned. This program is a 'must have' for anybody who has ever dreamed of living a life of financial and emotional freedom.

Chuck Sproule
Nova Scotia

4 Minutes into the Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever program with Ted Nicholas and Matt Furey, I realized I was inches away from one of the worst investments possible. And so, by the 4 minute mark I'd already gotten thousands of dollars of value. By the end of the DVD, I'd taken 7 1/2 pages of notes for actions I can take RIGHT NOW.

Matthew White
London, United Kingdom

In these turbulent times, with spiraling debts, an out of control economy and financial uncertainty, Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever is a life-saver for anyone being eaten by debt. With real world advice and proven secrets from a man who's done it all successfully, this is a must have. Simple, but profound steps to living debt free are revealed in easily accessible, down to earth language so you can start your march to financial freedom, TODAY.

Bill Stillwell, M.D.
Long Island

Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever is a 'must have' product for anyone wanting to get out of debt and create a life of abundance. Where else can you find 2 world class multi-millionaires for a fireside conversation? By applying just ONE of the ideas that Ted Nicholas and Matt Furey discussed, I have quadrupled my income in a very short time.

Jim M Anderson
Evergreen, CO

Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever lays out in easy-to-follow steps the things you can do to get out of any kind of debt-and stay out of debt forever. Then, it offers steps you can take to start building consistent wealth and financial security for yourself and your family. It is, without a doubt, the best solid advice that I have ever encountered. If I had been taught this when I was starting out in life, I would have had a direct route to debt-free financial security.

Richard Crane
Kauai, HI

The information revealed in Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever is a 'must have' for anyone who wants to be debt free and prosper during difficult times.

Kevin Thompson

Includes two versions of the interview:
1 audio disc
1 video disc

Full 39-page written transcript of the interview

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