The Ultimate "Swipe File"...

"Ted Nicholas Must Be Crazy to Reveal His Hard Won Marketing and Advertising Secrets!"

"If How I Sold $400 Million Dollars Worth Of Products And Services by Ted Nicholas were $10,000 a copy, I'd still buy a copy for every member of my marketing staff!"

- Peter Lowe
Speaker, Seminar Entrepreneur

Dear Friend,

     Did you ever find yourself searching for that one spark of an idea to get your creative marketing juices flowing?

    What if you had a 737-page swipe file at your fingertips everytime you needed inspiration, from one of the most successful guys in the history of advertising, Ted Nicholas?

    Would that be of interest to you?

      Most guys like Ted wouldn't dare give their inside marketing secrets away. But Ted completely spills the beans here and just tells all, no holds barred in his book, "How I Sold $400 Million Worth of Products of Services".

    Why would he do such a crazy thing?  Because Ted is all about helping entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life.  And with this reference manual at your side you can get to where you want to go.

    But perhaps he is best known as the world's most successful copywriter. He has prepared marketing and copy in 47 different industries. Not one, but numerous of Ted's full page ads and sales letters have earned him royalties in excess of $1,000,000!  Imagine what you could learn from him!

     Ted has written and tested more advertising copy than perhaps anyone else ever has. He has carefully tracked results of his copy in every media, including magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, radio, TV, and the Internet.

    When you think about the millions of dollars and thousands of hours he must have invested in copy testing, it's truly staggering. 

Ted really spills the beans, tells all

     What amazes me is in this new monumental book, Ted is willing to show people which of his sales letters, advertisements and brochures are the absolute best.

     I would never give out inside information like this unless someone were willing to pay me at least several hundred thousand dollars.

    Think about it. It's like investing in research that could put millions of dollars in your pocket. And then giving it away for practically nothing.

I'd gladly pay $10,000 a copy!

    "How I Sold $400 Million Dollars Worth Of Products And Services is a required resource for anyone serious about making money in business. If it were being sold for $10,000, I would still buy a copy for every member of my marketing staff.

    I use this book to train my copywriting staff.

    In fact, one of the first things I have a new copywriter do to improve their skills is study and write out by hand one of Ted's 5-star sales letters

    I have found this simple exercise really helps to boost the copywriting skills needed by every company, small or large, today."

- Peter Lowe
Speaker, Seminar Entrepreneur

Words, not numbers, are the true currency of business

    All the emerging new trends, including the Internet, point up the importance of being able to communicate effectively with consumers. Ted is a communications master. His work will help you get better faster than any other resource available.

Ted grades all his successful promotions

    Now, the important thing here is every piece of advertising is graded using his self-created star system. Ted has organized all his advertising in all media. This includes sales letters, advertisements, brochures and card decks. This advertising is  scientifically evaluated based on degrees of success. No other marketing book or advertising book every published has ever dared to do this!

    Samples, of course, of each ad are included. Imagine knowing if any particular ad is successful. And just how successful it is!

     Here is how the star system works:

=Break Even
=Medium Profit
=Good Profit
=Huge Moneymaker

    Even if you've never read one of Ted's books, listened to a cassette, or seen him speak live, you will surely recognize many of Ted's ads and sales letters as they have been running for many years.

Does this book apply to you?

    Even if all you do is run an occasional newspaper ad, yellow pages ad, or advertising on your website, this book will perhaps be the best investment you ever made. 

    If you don't send out many profitable sales letters or emails now, you most certainly undoubtedly will when you have this book in your office to guide you".

    Ted's copy approach will trigger your own ideas. His work will help you model and prepare your own profitable copy for your business.

    I consider this the holy grail of business tools.  Why?

    Even the greatest copywriters in the world will tell you that 90% of the sales letters and ads they write are bombs.

    Ted's book is massive!

"How I Sold $400 Million Dollars Worth Of Products And Services" is 737 pages jam packed with sales power that pulls in heaps of orders like a magnet.

What is the price for Ted's Ultimate Swipe File?

    Ted's Ultimate Swipe File won't cost you $777,   or even $497.

    You'll pay just  $297  plus S&H.

What super successful entrepreneurs say about Ted Nicholas:

  "Within 6 months of being exposed to Ted Nicholas' copy and marketing techniques, I increased my income by $750,000!"

Stuart Goldsmith
Reading, England

"Top secret. Ted Nicholas' techniques are worth millions of dollars in the right hands!"

Blade Thomas
Former Marketing Director
Entrepreneur Magazine
Malibu, California

"Before I sit down and write a single word of copy, I re-review your 5-star sales letters and ads."

Jeff Paul
Marketer for Certified Financial
Planners and Golf Products
Chicago, Illinois

"I was already quite successful with my catalog results. Your techniques have vastly improved my sales and profits."

Leslie Brice
Self-Improvement Products
Ojai, California

"I work with many of the world's best marketers. Ted Nicholas' work has stood the test of time. He has proven his copy and marketing techniques for over 25 years. He is the best of the best."

Vic Conant, President
Largest Personal Development 
Marketer in the U.S.
Niles, Illinois


60-Day Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

Not to worry. You may order the book with no risk whatsoever. Review it for 60 days.  If you are not delighted, upon request you will receive a prompt and courteous refund or credit. 

Don't let another minute go by without the benefit of this book.

Here is the real power of Ted's new book

   Until now when looking at any ad or sales letter you could not distinguish between a bomb and profitable winner.
    With this valuable resource, all that suddenly changes. At last, you can learn from sales copy that actually pulls in profitable orders. You will discover how to earn money beyond your wildest dreams.

     There is nothing else like this book available anywhere in the world.   And, frankly, if anyone other than Ted Nicholas with his impeccable credentials and reputation were offering anything resembling it,  I just would not believe it.

Best Regards,

Bethany Waller
Vice President - Nicholas Direct, Inc.

P.S. Remember, this is what you get;  A massive 737-page reference book, jam packed with some of the most successful advertisements of all time.  You will learn techniques guaranteed to improve your sales and profits.

And the best part is you can review the book for 60 days and if not satisfied, simply return it, no questions asked.  There is no risk whatsoever.

P.S.S. If there are any questions at all, feel free to send an email. We will be happy to personally answer them.

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