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For those not familiar with Ted, here's a little background information.

Ted learned business early on.  At the age of seventeen he was pounding the streets selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door. Giving him his first sales training. Before that he worked in his father's ice cream and candy business, bussing tables, sweeping floors, whatever needed to be done.

At age 21, and $96,000 in debt, he started his own candy business called, "Peterson's House Of Fudge"  It was here where he began to learn the ropes of how to successfully market a business.

The candy business was where Ted began to realize the awesome power of words, not only in business but in life.  Ted began to see how differently his customers responded depending on the choice of words he used in the signs, print ads and mailing pieces he used for his business.

Through much determination and hard work Ted grew his candy business from one store in the beginning to ultimately 30 retail candy store franchises.

It was around this time Ted got the idea for his first book titled, "How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50".  This book contained all the necessary tear-out forms to incorporate yourself. Before this book you'd have to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars to set up a corporation.

As you can imagine Ted didn't make too many lawyer friends when the book became one of the best-selling business books of all time.  But business people loved the idea that they could incorporate themselves without the added expense of hiring an attorney to do it.

With the success of, "How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50" Ted built a book publishing empire called Enterprise Publishing, eventually leading to 14 other best-selling business books. He also created an incorporating service company called The Company Corporation. TCC grew to become the largest incorporating company in the world.

By 1991, Ted sold his companies to retire.   That didn't last long however.  After less than a year he decided retirement was not for him.   
Around that time he started getting calls from business owners who knew of Ted's successful track record, asking for marketing help. Ted decided this would be something he would enjoy. So he began helping other businesses by consulting, conducting seminars and other speaking engagements.

Today, Ted is not only a successful international speaker and author, he is also an expert marketing consultant, and one of the most successful and highest paid copywriters in the world.

Ted is a man who talks the talk and walks the walk. He is not only incredibly generous in sharing his business knowledge. But he is also a man of sincere integrity and honesty.

It is within the pages of his books, newsletters, special reports, CD's and DVD's where Ted really gets the opportunity to give back to the world.

There is nothing that gives Ted more satisfaction than when he receives a rags-to-riches success story from one of his many mentees who have studied all of his material inside and out.  Many have gone on to make millions of dollars, all as a direct result of studying Ted's business principles.

What about you? Are you ready to begin your road to greater success? Your first step is to build your knowledge.  And we can help you do that better than anyone in the world.

Breakthrough Marketing and Business Concepts Originated by Ted Nicholas

  • Lawyer-free incorporation

  • T.V. Infomercial pioneer

  • Magic Word Seminars

  • Mass direct marketing via space advertising

  • Long-copy ads for entrepreneurial products

  • Advertising with an editorial look and feel

  • “Tearsheet” marketing pioneer

  • “Two-step” ads that pulled in millions of leads

  • Long-copy direct radio commercial pioneer

It isn’t often that any living person-

  1. First, actually originates single-handedly an entire new industry.

  2. Second, finds a new market for this new industry by creating a successful direct marketing campaign to attract huge numbers of clients.

Ted Nicholas has done both.

Ted didn’t like the legal system and procedures regarding corporations. So, he decided in 1973 to form The Company Corporation (TCC). For the very first time new customers could bypass lawyers completely when forming a corporation. TCC has become the world’s largest registered agent with over 300,000 clients worldwide.

Companies Founded by Ted Nicholas
(partial list)

  • The Company Corporation -
    Largest incorporation company in the world with over 300,000 clients.

  • Enterprise Publishing Company-
    One of Americas most successful publishers specializing in books for entrepreneurs and business executives.

  • Nicholas Direct Inc.-
    Direct marketing organization conducting The Ted Nicholas Seminars internationally and distributor of books, tapes, and home study programs.

  • Peterson's House of Fudge -
    Manufacturers of confectionery and ice cream products which grew to 30 shops in six U.S. states.

  • Fountain Fresh Fudge -
    Franchisor of homemade fudge in 77 flavors which produced products before the eyes of consumers.

  • Entrepreneurs of America -
    An organization with 265,000 members which provided business services such as low-cost insurance and travel, and also included lobbying for the rights of entrepreneurs with the Federal Government.

  • University for Entrepreneurs -
    Publisher of educational materials for entrepreneurs.

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