Do Your Headlines Suck?

The Success Margin

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Nearly every day some client asks me to critique a piece of copy.

It could be a proposed sales letter, e-mail, space ad , card deck or website.

Often the body copy is at least fair. In some cases it’s very well written and powerful.

But, in almost all cases, even by experienced marketers, the headlines are weak. In fact, they are so bad they…

Really suck!

It’s shocking. But true.

The importance of strengthening headlines simply cannot be overstated.


No piece of copy has the remotest chance of being successful without a strong headline.

A great headline is over 90% of success in direct marketing.

That’s why I treat the art of headline creation as almost everything. So much so, I often prepare over 100 headlines, while most copywriters create one or two. And I’ve turned failed ads and sales letters into winners just by changing the headline.

Tip (1): Resist the temptation to write a word of body copy before first preparing a super headline.

Tip (2): Prepare as many headlines as you can and select up to three to test.

Tip (3): Many of the headlines you don’t use can be used as subheads or as bullet points within your copy.

Tip (4): One good headline test is this. Would your proposed headline stop a reader of a magazine long enough to read the article, or atleast a few sentences? If not, don’t use the headline. Immediately go back to the drawing board.

Today I’m going to discuss seven proven headline techniques along with successful examples I’ve  used. These can be of invaluable help in vastly improving not only headlines, but all your copy from now on.

1. Offer a Free Report. Prepare a special report full of useful information along with an offer for your product.

Free Special Report Reveals How to Legally Slash Your Taxes to Little or Nothing.

2. Ask an intriguing question oriented to your market.

What Makes a Consultant Successful?

3. Use a one-word attention-getting headline.


4. Emphasize your guarantee.

Double Your Advertising Results
In 90 Days Guaranteed
Or Our Service is Free

5. Compare your selling price with something commonplace.

Your Entire Investment Each Day In
This Income-Producing System is
Less Than a Cup of Cappuccino

6. Give your prospect a headache (and then sell aspirin!)

Lack of Documentation Could Cost You
Your Car, Home, Life Savings, and Even
Your Marriage

7. Add a time element.

Form Your Own Corporation on The Phone
In 7 Minutes or Less

The above headline examples have made fortunes for myself and clients.

And that’s not all!

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Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas