I Headline Shortcuts (Part X)
II Profits During Recession?
III Ted Nicholas Money Secrets
IV Find Your Voice
V Who Mentored Ted?
VI Ted’s Birthday Success Tip
VII Ted Shows How to Become Debt Free Now!


I What’s the Big Deal About a Headline Anyway?
II You Can Live Healthily Until 120 If…
III Often Overlooked Success Secret
IV Headline Shortcut
V Headline Shortcuts (Part II)
VI Headline Shortcuts (Part III)
VII Headline Shortcuts (Part IV)
VIII Headline Shortcuts (Part V)
IX Headline Shortcuts Part VI
X Headline Shortcuts Part VII
XI Headline Shortcuts Part VIII
XII Profits During Recession?
XIII Headline Shortcuts (Part IX)


I A Tribute to Passion
II Increase Your Success Margin By How You Start Your Day
III Creating a Sales Message
IV Best Advice I Ever Got
V Success the Warren Buffett Way
VI What Learning How to Write Successful Sales Copy Can Do For You
VII Gaining a Marketing Edge
VIII The U.S. Marine Corps, Discipline and Success
IX A Tiny Change Can Triple Response
X Avoid Consultants’ Biggest Mistake
XI Would Improved Marketing Skills Help You?
XII Ted, Why Do You Keep Doing It?
XIII Fail Fast
XIV Fail Fast Part II


I Should you consider offline marketing?
II Celebrating Success
III 7 Magic Transitions
IV How to Get the Most Out of Any Seminar
V You a Millionaire Publisher?
VI 8 Powerful Book Marketing Tips
VII Sales Tip…Choose Bonus Gifts Carefully
VIII A Necessary Business Strategy?
IX Online Book Publishing Tips
X The “Killer” Order Form
XI 7 Magic Words to Happiness
XII Self-Publishing Cash Machine – Part II
XIII Self-Publishing Cash Machine – Part I
XIV Should You Hire a Consultant Or Become One Yourself?


I Little-Known Success Secret
II Huge Success with Short Copy Formats
III An Extra $2,000,000 Profit on One Mailing
IV Work Less, Have More Fun, Keep Superstar Employees
V More Heart-to-Heart Marketing Secrets
VI Can You Be 2% Better?
VII Space Advertising Secrets
VIII Headline Challenge Champions
IX How to Model Success
X 7 Secrets of Believable Writing
XI The Most Important Lessons in my Life
XII 14 Rules for Achieving Financial Literacy
XIII The Real Secrets of Great Writing
XIV Do Your Headlines Suck?
XV Business-to-Business Marketing is a Myth
XVI The Secret to a 100% Response
XVII The Direct Marketing Insider’s Testing Secrets


I You A Successful Author
II Headlines That Sizzle
III The Perfect Space Ad
IV 11 Secrets of a Successful Ad
V Removing The Biggest Success Obstacle
VI A Surefire Tip that Always Increases Sales
VII Marketing Via Catalogs
VIII Tells What They Will Lose
IX The Easy Path to Increased Creativity
X How to Get a Job During all Economic Times
XI Wanted–Employees seeking lifetime job security
XII Why Bother to Learn Copywriting
XIII How to Successfully Market Your Products Around The World
XIV Trust But Verify
XV Advice to My Grandchildren Follow-Up
XVI An Open Letter to My Grandchildren
XVII Fail Forward


I A Business Strategy That Can’t Miss
II How to Become a Successful Self-Publisher
III How to Avoid The Seven Biggest Causes of Business Failures
IV Using a Simple Postage Stamp Can Increase Your Income From Mailings
V Eight Powerful Ways to Build Trust
VI The Top Ten Mistakes in Preparing Sales Letters
VII Cutting-Edge Internet Marketing
VIII The Top Seven Marketing Mistakes
IX How to Sell Your Business Successfully
X How to Hire the Best Employees
XI 12 Little Mailing Tips That Make A Big Difference
XII A Headline Can Earn You a Fortune
XIII Increase Response to Mailings With Little-Known Secret
XIV The All-Important Opening
XV Boost Sales the Easy Way
XVI Your Real Goldmine Is Your Customer Database
XVII The Power of Words In Your Life
XVIII The Success Attitude That Never Fails