Eight Powerful Ways to Build Trust


Wednesday, October 8, 2003


The biggest obstacle to sales success is overcoming a lack of trust. This has been true since man started communicating to others about his wares.

The greatest challenge in all forms of marketing is establishing credibility. If people don’t trust you, they will simply not do business with you.

In today’s business environment, building credibility may seem more challenging than ever

Consumers are negatively influenced by experiences they may have had or learned about regarding mail order companies.  The Internet. And via telemarketing firms. The Enrons, Tycos and WorldComs don’t help either.

However, while many marketers are suffering losses, there are positive actions you can take.

Here are eight ideas which can boost the credibility of your offers.  These actions may well be your solution to greater profitability than
you’ve ever experienced before.

1.   Use specific numbers (not rounded) in your headlines.

For example:”I Have Incorporated 127,834 Corporations for Successful Entrepreneurs Just Like You” “17 Important Reasons to Form Your Own   Limited Liability Company” “11 Big Reasons to Take Natural Vitamins and  Minerals Which Are Derived From Living Foods “9 Ways to Cut Fuel Bills Now” “117,434 Mattress Customers Can’t Be Wrong”

Numbers are more than twice as likely to get attention and be believable than broad general claims.

2. Prove your claims. If appropriate, consider independent experts, laboratory results, case histories, examples, as well as patents and
trademarks to support what you say about your product.

3. “Credentialize” yourself.  Include relevant information about your education, background, and experience as well as comments from respected leaders in your field.

4. Provide product details and history. Describe the underlying reasons you were originally motivated to develop your product and what customer wants and needs were served then and now.

5. Include a list of customers. This is especially powerful if you sell to other businesses. Other companies you’ve had as clients can be very persuasive to a new prospect.

6. Always use testimonials. Nothing adds credibility better than the heartfelt words from happy customers.  The more detail you include about the person who provided the testimonial, the better.  Name town, state, or country. A photo is also preferable.

7. Offer an absolute “no quibble” money-back guarantee. The longer, the better.

8. Reduce or reverse the risk.  Add free bonuses to your offer with a high perceived value to reward immediate action.  It’s even better when the perceived value of the bonus(es) is higher than your offer price.

Use these techniques.  The result will be to dramatically increase your customers’ trust level. The result will be greater success for all your offers.


Ted Nicholas