Headline Shortcuts (Part V)

The Success Margin

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Without a great and powerful headline, no matter how good it is otherwise, your promotion will fail.

I don’t care how terrific the body copy is.

You need a “killer” headline or the promotion doesn’t stand a chance.

It’s so important I repeat it here once more. Seventy-five percent of the buying decision is made at the headline.

Hopefully, my dear reader, you are now 100 percent convinced.

I’m emphasizing headlines like I never have before. Why? Direct marketers, including new personal clients of mine, almost always propose or use headlines which are incredibly weak, boring or confusing. It’s no wonder perhaps as many as 95 percent do not work. In fact, when I see the actual response figures they don’t even come close.

I’ve already revealed to subscribers in The Success Margin four of my headline types. Each one is proven to work through numerous marketing tests.

Today I’ll teach you another amazingly powerful type. I call it “Get Benefits Fast, Regardless.”

I really love the power of this one. I’d be willing to bet you will soon fall in love with it too

To use and dramatize a certain aspect involved with many products you can really get that all-important

If it fits your product, this simple, yet powerful concept can empower your headline like nothing else can. The single magic word which describes it is:


In marketing your products and services nothing meets the heavy burden your headline must carry.

Your headline must do lots of “heavy lifting.”

Here are a few responsibility mountains your headline must climb. It must:

– Attract attention

– Select the right audience

– Make a bold promise

– Dramatize the biggest benefit

– Appeal to your prospect emotionally

Here are a few examples of the Get Benefits Fast, Regardless technique:


Speak Street French in 28 Days – Even if You’ve Never Taken a Single Foreign Language Class – 100 Percent Guaranteed!


Discover How You Can Prepare Five Gourmet Meals Your Friends Will Rave About in One Week – Even if You Know Little or Nothing About Cooking!


Get Fit in 30 Days or Less No Matter How Out of Shape You Are Now – Guaranteed!


Discover How to Slash Your Cost of Living By at Least 30 Percent Within 10 Days without Lowering Your Standard of Living – Or Your Money Back!


Free Special Report Reveals How to Instantly Avoid the Catastrophe of Identity Theft Which Can Take Years to Clear From Your Record!


Within 24 Hours Discover Best Tax Avoidance Secrets the I.R.S. Does Not Want You to Know!


At Last, Within Seven Days You’ll Meet at Least One Person Who Tests Out as Your Ideal Romantic Partner – Or Your Money Back!


Here is the Fill-in-the-Blanks method for this technique, Get Benefit Fast, Regardless.

(Discover, Have, Get, Be Enjoy etc.) the (Biggest Benefit) in (Specific Time Period) Guaranteed. No Matter What (Your Age, Condition, Bank Account,Skill Level etc. Doesn’t Matter.)

If speed is a crucial or indispensible part of your product benefit this technique can really make sales

My dear reader, I’ll look forward to hearing about your many successful headlines.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

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