Headline Shortcuts Part VI

The Success Margin

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008


I’ve previously provided you, my dear subscriber, no less than five ways to prepare headlines. (I actually use 11 different techniques.)

Why are headlines so important? Remember, at least 75 per cent of the buying decisions are made at the point of the headline.

Without a powerful headline, your promotion stands no chance whatsoever to be successful. Zero. Nada.

Indeed, it’s absolutely crucial. Without a “killer” headline, you may as well forget the promotion completely.

Today I’m going to discuss another tested and proven headline technique. I call it the Problem Solver.

Basically, you state the prospect’s problem as a question. Then you offer a proven solution.

As you increase your understanding of headlines, you also should be aware of the role of sub-headlines.

** What is a sub-headline? **

Following a main headline which is presented in large, bold print, you present two to five other
headlines in smaller print. These sub-headlines entice the reader to read down into the text of your
copy. And then to the all-important close, call to action and order information.

Here are some examples which best illustrate the Problem Solver approach known by very few people in the world.


Finding it Impossible to Keep Off Those Extra Pounds?

Now you can stay in great shape and still enjoy those foods you really love! (Sub-headline)


Worried About Losing Your Job?

Here is a proven time-tested way to get a new job fast, even in today’s tough times! (Sub-headline)


Stressed Out Every Month by Nagging Bills?

Here’s a 100 per cent guaranteed way to live a worry-free life and enjoy those things you felt you could not afford! (Sub-headline)


Worried About Your Child’s Grades in School?

Here’s a guaranteed system for turning C’s into A’s, improving concentration and transforming your child’s self-esteem! (Sub-headline)


Can’t Find Quality Super Star Employees?

At last, here’s a proven guaranteed system which enables you to locate the truly outstanding employees in your field (Sub-headline)


Has Expensive Credit Card Debt Got You Down?

Here is a step-by-step method that shows you how to negotiate with credit card companies to reduce both your obligation and usurious interest rates! (Sub-headline)


Would You Sleep Better if You Had the Ultimate Protection Available Against Losing Your Job?

Your best solution may be in starting your own profitable home-based business in your spare time!


Here is the Problem Solver step-by-step headline formula:

State the prospect’s problem as a question. Then state the solution–

Here’s a (proven, time tested, 100 per cent safe, guaranteed) way to (get the ultimate benefit.)


Please keep me informed as to how your new headlines have increased your Success Margin.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

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