Increase Response to Mailings With Little-Known Secret


Monday, June 2, 2003

*** “The secret to success, in life and in business, is to work hard at the margin. Relentlessly. It’s as powerful as compound interest, the eighth wonder of the world.Those little marginal extra efforts will inevitably grow into something big.”– Bill Bonner

*** Little things mean a lot

*** “God is in the details”


Here is an easy-to-accomplish technique that will boost your response rate in brochures, direct mail and on your website.

The technique is to simply use yellow highlighter to enhance your key words and phrases.

It’s so easy.  Yet it’s surprisingly underused.

Done correctly, the key points you wish to highlight really stand out.  Plus, you make the copy far more reader friendly.

Another big advantage is customers with short attention spans can scan the copy and quickly pick out key points.  If the copy is well written, they will be encouraged to read all the copy more carefully.

Why light yellow highlighter?  The contrast between black body copy (which is the only color you should use for body copy) and yellow copy is greater than with any other color combination.  This makes what you want highlighted stand out.

I also like how this technique increases the personal  “feeling” this gives the copy. The copy comes across as though somebody actually sat down and highlighted the key parts. And of course they have!

You can also boost readership in e-mail by highlighting major points when you send the letter as an attachment.  But please be aware that not everyone can receive it in that form.

Tip: Don’t go crazy and overuse the highlighter.  That is the biggest mistake people make who try it.  Just highlight key words and underline here and there. For example, highlight no more than 5% of the copy.  Reason?  When you highlight everything, the emphasis
is lost. That means in a 1000 word message do not highlight more than approximately 50 words.

Talk with your printer, who can help you create the “hand-done” effect.  On your website you can create the highlighter using many standard software programs. In reality it is quite easy to do. If you need assistance,ask your software vendor, who is often a great help.

To greater success in all that you do,

Yours truly,

Ted Nicholas