Announcing! The Lost Ted Nicholas Tapes!


“You, a Millionaire Writer?”

We just unearthed a long lost Ted Nicholas recorded masterpiece
with special guest appearance from the late, great, Gary Halbert
It’s known as Ted’s
“Seminar Of The Century!”
Rediscovered and Digitally-Remastered – We Hit The Mother Lode!

Dear Friend,

I hope you’re sitting down, this is mind-blowing.

Recently, out of the clear blue sky, something extraordinary fell into my lap.

Here’s what happened…

Back in 1993, legendary author Ted Nicholas, presented his first ever writing and self-publishing seminar. It was called “How To Be a Successful Writer and Self-Publisher.”

These rare recordings are truly considered by many to be Ted’s “Seminar of The Century!” This is Ted at the top of his game!

You can feel his energy and his passion when you listen to him. He’s got the entire room in the palm of his hand. It is quite magical.   

The entire 20 hour event was captured on tape. But for some unknown reason the tapes were missing for 27 years!    

The seminar was so good, the demand so great at the time, that even Ted himself sold his last personal copy!  

Only a few thousand copies were ever produced. They were sold exclusively at that time, until they were sold out. Never to be re-produced.   

Here’s how it all came about…

When Ted Nicholas passed, one of his most successful mentees called me to express his condolences. He was sharing stories about what he learned from Ted.

I was shocked when he told me he had these tapes. I knew even Ted himself no longer had a copy! To be completely honest, I had never even heard these tapes myself!

This is the exact tape set where he first discovered Ted, he applied the principles to his own business and as a result literally, made millions!  He kindly let me borrow his personal cassettes so that I could make a digital copy.  

I was so excited to get my hands on them. I immediately went and had them professionally digitized & remastered, converted to mp3’s and now they are preserved for all eternity!


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Ted Nicholas Clip

“I wrote my first book after responding to a classified ad in 1995 by Ted Nicholas. The headline “You, a Millionaire Writer?” I called for a free report.

The report was of course a sales letter for a tape set called “How To Be a Successful Writer & Self-Publisher”. I scraped together the money – bought the tapes and got to work on my book.

In 2007 I did over 7.5 million in sales. 2008 will probably be 12 million. To say this course changed my life is an understatement of the century.”

-Matt Furey
Zen Master of Exercise, Health, and Fitness

“This program changed my life!” – Matt Furey
Email Marketing Master, Copywriter, Author

I was worried that after all this time these cassettes were going to sound terrible…

But was pleasantly surprised when I got them back from getting digitized. It turned out these nearly thirty year old recordings sounded fantastic! I was ecstatic!

So I’m super excited to announce for the first time ever, you can get your hands on a nice clear sounding digital copy for your listening pleasure!

Delivered masterfully by Ted Nicholas. There was something extra special about this event.

It was Ted’s first on writing, and he was on fire!  And if that wasn’t special enough, so was his special guest speaker, copywriting legend, the late, great, Mr. Gary Halbert!

What will these tapes do for you?

You will discover how to:

• Write a sale-able book, video, audio, or other information products.

• Determine the profit potential of a book or information product before any time and money are spent in development, writing, or production

• How to write killer magazine, newspaper, and online ads for your product.

• Acquire the rights to books and products with a track record of success

• License the valuable rights to books and products you own to others at a huge profit

• How to prepare an irresistible sales letter

• Learn copywriting. Still the highest paid form of writing in the world. (At the time Ted was charging $15,000 + 5% of sales to write an ad, and had a waiting list of clients. You can do the same when you know the secrets.)

• How to price your product for maximum returns

• Get radio, television, and online channels to plug your book and other products, absolutely free!

• Write powerful headlines, which is 90% of the task of writing a successful ad

• Reduce your advertising costs by up to 80% by learning the secrets of buying ads at low cost in national publications

• Set up a low cost corporation on your own and maximize personal and family benefits

• Low capital. You can start for less than $600!


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Ted Nicholas Clip

There’s nothing about these recordings that is based on theory. Ted lived every single technique. And has tested and proven every tip he shares with you. His ideas have succeeded in the marketplace for 47 years and continue to do so today. Find the shortcut to your dreams of success.

Why should YOU listen to Ted’s advice?

Ted has a track record and demonstrated proof that’s nearly unmatched by anyone in direct-marketing history! By the time of these recordings, Ted had already written 13 best-selling books, selling over 2.5 million copies!

Ted was known most notably for his first book entitled, “How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer For Under $50” He sold over 900,000 copies of that book at $19.95 each. Earning him a staggering $18 million dollars!

In fact, Ted was trying to get “How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer For Under $50” registered into Guinness Book of Records. In so far as he knew, no other business book had sold that many copies, certainly not by direct-mail. The book was responsible for allowing Ted to create his publishing empire!

From the success of “How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer For Under $50” he created other follow-up books. For example there was, “The Complete Book of Corporate Forms” which sold over 250,000 copies at $69.95. That book earned him a whopping $17.5 million! “The Basic Book of Business Agreements,” sold 100,000 copies at $49.95, earning him a cool $5 million.

And of course he went on to write other best selling books like, Magic Words That Bring You Riches, Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets, How To Turn Words Into Money, How To Publish a Book & Sell a Million Copies, The Golden Mailbox, and many more!

The question really is; “Why would you NOT want to listen to Ted’s proven methods?

“Thanks for the guidance and suggestions during my writing of several best sellers”

Doug Casey, Author
Crisis Investing

“Your book on publishing inspired me to get started. Since then, I’ve written two books on the New York Times best-seller list. One of the real winners in direct marketing business generously shares his inside secrets of success in marketing that should help us all reach our goals”

Bill Myers, Publisher
Myer’s Digest

Heck, the Gary Halbert segment alone is worth the price of these long lost tapes!

If you’re not familiar with Mr. Gary Halbert, he was one of the top copywriters of the last fifty years and is ranked among the very best who ever practiced the craft. Gary was a master teacher in the world of direct mail.

On these tapes, Gary distills his highly sophisticated and hard-earned knowledge into very simple easy-to-understand principles that everyone can learn and profit from.

Every last second of this newly discovered historical event is beautifully captured on cassette tape and digitally remastered for your listening pleasure!

I was almost shaking when I first held these tapes in my hand. I was literally holding a piece of my Dad’s work. It was like finding a lost Picasso!

With the recent passing of my Dad, just hearing his voice again on the tapes was enough for me.

Crazy to think that here I am mourning the loss of my father, when suddenly these tapes fall in my lap?

Was it just a happy coincidence? Could it be that my Dad wanted me to have them, so that I can deliver them to you?

Did he make special arrangements with the man above to have them sent down to me? I’m not sure, but knowing Ted, he probably did!

“No one knows more about making magazine advertising pay off then Ted Nicholas.”

-Gary Halbert, Author
Maximum Money In Minimum Time

Gary Halbert Clip

Communication On a Human Level
Hasn’t Changed in a Thousand Years!

Although this seminar took place just a few years before the Internet phenomenon, Ted was all about reaching out to his target market on a humanistic level in his copy.

Effective marketing really boils down to simple communication. And simple communication never get’s old.

That is why the information presented in these tapes is just as effective now as it was then!

The only thing that has changed are the variety of delivery methods such as social media marketing, instagram, twitter, email marketing, etc.

There’s never been a greater time than now for YOU to make millions writing and selling your own information products!

The possibilities are endless! Millions of people are quarantined at home downloading and consuming ebooks, audios, videos, more than ever before in history. Don’t you think it’s time YOU tapped into this huge market by creating your own info-products? There’s always plenty of room for everyone, so don’t be intimidated… Ted Nicholas & special guest Gary Halbert give you the secrets on writing and publishing and succeeding in a big way. All you need to do is get the tapes, follow Ted & Gary’s roadmap and put it all into action. Does that sound good to you? It’s time for you to get in the game! It gives me great joy and excitement to be presenting to you for the first time ever, these very rare and exclusive audio recordings. You get 20 hours worth of recordings from two masters! You can listen on any device!  

That’s all good, but how much Dave?

You get the complete collection of amazing marketing insights from these two marketing masters!  NOT for $997.00, not $497.00, not even $397.00.

You get 20 hours of these recordings on our digital streaming platform, for only $297!     

But wait, we’re even taking it a step further!

When you buy “How To Become a Successful Writer & Self-Publisher” also get 5 killer ebooks valued at over $400!;

  1. HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK & SELL A MILLION COPIES (View sample of beautiful re-design
  2. THE GOLDEN MAILBOX (View sample of beautiful re-design)

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Here Are The Main Reasons
Why Selling Information Is The Ideal Business For You:

    • Products are easy to “manufacture”.
    • There is a high perceived value for information.
    • You have no competition. Your products are copyrighted. They are proprietary, cannot be copied, and belong to you alone.
    • You can live and operate from anywhere in the world. This business is completely mobile.
    • Your market is the entire planet.
    • The business is not capital intensive. It takes very little money to start.
    • And if you sell the business, it’s one of the most attractive to prospective buyers.

I am so proud to announce we’re finally making these tapes available to you, the internationally acclaimed, lost, but now found, “How To Become a Successful Writer & Self-Publisher”!

A complete set of 20 digital recordings delivered to you instantly, no hassles. The recordings have have been beautifully restored and digitized. And they sound pristine!

“I want to give at least TEN times the value of what you paid for in this seminar. For some people in this room the value will be several HUNDRED.”

-Ted Nicholas, World-Renowned Copywriter
Author & Consultant

Ted Nicholas Clip

Like I said before, “How To Become a Successful Writer & Self-Publisher” by Ted Nicholas is most often referred to by both world-class marketers and beginners in marketing as the “Seminar of The Century.”

The 20 hours of tapes contain material on every concept of self-publishing. All the attendees questions, all the valuable answers, it’s all there for you to absorb!

Make a better lifestyle for yourself. Have a much freer, more profitable lifestyle.

Master the art of writing and selling books. You do the work once, and get paid over and over again!

Help make the world a better place. You profit; so do your readers, viewers, and listeners. It’s a win/win lifestyle all the way! Sound good to you?

Click here to order yours today!


Dave Peterson

P.S. Ted Nicholas’s teachings will show you how to get very, very rich publishing info-products. Hours upon hours of money-making tips and techniques expertly delivered to you by these two marketing masters.

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