Often Overlooked Success Secret

The Success Margin

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


You are undoubtedly are seeking more sales, as does any sharp business person.

But, as many I have worked with, you may be unaware of a simple change in your sales strategy that can make the difference between massive success and complete failure. The answer?

You must discover how to effectively close sales.

Otherwise, it’s just not possible to be successful in any business.

Yet, most offers I review both online and offline do not include a powerful close. The majority of personal presentations have the same flaw. They offer just a single product or service. It’s no wonder most offers, whether in written form or delivered in
person, fail miserably.

I notice that new clients who ask me to critique their copy tend not to contain an effective close to their offer. Instead they simply offer their “widget.” And then ask for the order. While this may seem logical to some, such a strategy will rarely succeed.

Often I can “fix” the copy and create a winning offer just by changing the close.

As every experienced direct marketer knows, how you word the offer has everything to do with its success.

Closing the sale effectively, whether in person or in sales copy, is absolutely essential for massive success.

You must close sales with passion and vitality. Clearly with a strong close you will often get a “yes” answer to your offer. Why? Psychologically it’s 10 to 100 times more powerful than the typical wimpy ending of most sales presentations.

There are many effective ways to close a sale. And I’ve tested nearly every proven one.

Today I’m going to reveal the simplest and easiest method I’ve ever found.

Please burn the next sentence in your mind, dear reader.

** When you are ready to go for the order, never ask a prospect a closing question (or any other question) which can be answered “yes” or “no” **

When you plant the “no” seed in anyone’s mind, it’s almost automatic to simply say “no.” And believe me, most will say “no” as a result.

From the beginning of the offer you want to build a “yes” momentum when marketing anything.

Of course, in any offer you must present all the powerful and compelling benefits of your products first. (Study my writings and my home-study course, Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp, for a step-by-step plan. Click on www.tednicholas.com
for details.)

But here is the little-understood secret that will not only close orders. It will also put millions of dollars in profit directly into your bank account.

Here is the magic key to it all.

** Never ask “if.” Instead ask “which” **

Always form your question in such a way which gives your prospect a choice between something and something.

Not something and nothing.

By giving the prospect a choice between two or more alternatives, you’ll nearly always get the answer you want.

A successful marketer gives the prospect a choice between at least two alternatives. Both alternatives must provide valid benefits to the prospect. (A choice of three to five options can also work successfully.)

** Examples of successful closing questions **

Please observe that some questions are designed to draw answers that lead to or close the final sale:

* Would you like the basic package at $1,997, orthe deluxe version which is just $497 more?

* Does the silver or gold membership program suit your needs best?

* Would you like delivery Monday or Wednesday?

* Would you like the product in brushed aluminium or black?

* Does the one payment or three payment option suit you best?

Or to your banker:

* Would a $150,000 line of credit or would $200,000 best suit your current loan budget?

The psychological power of asking the right questions, both in business and personal situations, cannot be overstated.

** The secret is to assume consent **

In asking closing questions, basically you are assuming consent from your prospect, banker or
friend. This is nearly always a good thing for everyone involved.

During my high school years (long before I met Bethany) I first discovered the principle of assuming consent during my early dating experiences.

I observed that most of the brightest and mostappealing young women tended to spend their Saturday nights at home alone.

When I questioned my fellow male students as to why they didn’t ask these young women out more often, they answered along these lines:

(1) “I’ve tried before. But they might say ‘no.’ That would make me feel rejected, which is tough for me to take.”

(2) “They might be busy. When I’ve asked Susan out before she was busy doing something else. Or even worse, had a boyfriend.”

I reasoned that neither response seemed like much of a risk to me. At least I would know the real facts. Because a “yes” was possible, perhaps even likely, It was a small risk I was willing to take.

So then I formulated my dating strategy. I simply asked a question which gave a choice between two options which suited me and them as well.

Here was the question I asked.

“Would you like to join me and go to the movies Friday or Saturday night?”

I was delighted that over 90% of the time they said “yes.” Of course they chose the night which suited them best.

Occasionally they were busy both nights or had a boyfriend of whom I was unaware. Of course this was the law of average in action.

Later when I began to use the “choice close” in the business world the result was also sensational. I found this result to hold up ever since in personal sales situations. And in all my copy.

Have I convinced you yet? Utilize this closing technique in your next offer. See the results for yourself. I believe you’ll never do it any other way again. Why?

Instead of that typical “no” response you will increase the number of times you hear that magic word “yes” that we all love!

To your increased Success Margin.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas