How To Negotiate Rights to Books and Other Products [A streaming audio course]

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Not one marketer in ten thousand, knows the first thing about negotiating rights to products & services! Having the knowledge that Ted presents here puts you at a huge advantage!  Ted Nicholas presents a unique and effective course in getting rights to books. You can virtually apply these concepts to any product or service. You’ll be able to make enormous profits if you apply these concepts to getting rights to other products. Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to market their own products effectively and you can take full advantage of that and make millions!


In this course you will discover the actual ‘magic words’ to use when negotiating marketing rights to books. Ted Nicholas provides the dialogue to use when calling publishing companies. You’ll also discover the importance of acquiring rights to products that are perennial, rather than just a seasonal type of product. You will learn the right questions to ask and how to build a “yes” momentum when asking the publisher questions about getting rights. You will learn how to negotiate royalty percentages, etc. How to put together a terms of agreement document, and more!


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