Instant Headlines – How To Create Successful Headlines Easily With The Fill-In-The-Blank System – $6.97


How to prepare headlines that bring in millions! Imagine how successful your copy would be if you had the Fill-in-the-Blank Formula invented by Ted Nicholas, the world’s most successful copywriter.

Headlines are without a doubt the most important part of any piece of copy. But most are dull, boring and ineffective. A winning headline is at least 90% of the success of any offer. And tests show the difference between one headline and another can produce up to a 15 times boost in response! But you know how tough it is to create a killer headline.

But now you can stop worrying! Picture yourself with a Headline Shortcut so powerful you just fill in the blanks! In your hands is a step-by-step guide prepared for you by perhaps the number one headline writer in the world. It’s so powerful and easy. It’s a real shortcut. You just fill in the blanks. It’s called INSTANT HEADLINES. This title is not just advertising puffery.

Ted’s advertising copy has produced over 6 Billion dollars in sales. Individual ads have generated as much as $20,000,000 in sales. INSTANT HEADLINES reveals how you can prepare no less than 11 completely unique headline types. And it’s filled with examples of each. This makes it easy for you to create your own using the copyrighted Fill-in-the-Blank method.

Each of the powerful headline types will be clarified by Ted in this amazing special report. The Headline Shortcuts come complete with examples. According to Ted, there are actually 11 ways to prepare a headline. How to (This is loaded with sales power.) Secrets of (this is fantastic.) Stacked Benefits (The magic of three benefits.) Problem/Solution (Write your headline this way and watch your bank account grow!) How to/Guaranteed (Discover how to empower you headline with an incredible guarantee!) Get the Ultimate Benefit Fast.

Regardless…(Using speed in a special way can both shortcut and boost the response enormously.) Solve a Problem…(By presenting the problem and solution so movingly your sales will explode.) Visualize it (Using imagery can be the key to success in many offers.) Ways to/Reasons Why… (Using specific numbers can empower your copy like nothing else can.) Problem Solver… (Discover the power of stating your prospect’s problem as a question, followed by the ultimate solution.) I … Then (Learn how to powerfully state your prospect’s want or need, followed by up to three benefits and a bonus which win the sales day.) You’ll also discover how to prepare sub-headlines that maximize your sales.

You’ll never again face an empty, blank page worrying about how to prepare by far the most important part of any advertisement, the headline. With INSTANT HEADLINES you will have the solution you need at your fingertips.



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