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    You are undoubtedly a serious entrepreneur. Otherwise you probably wouldn't have found this page. Perhaps you're a business person who realizes the benefits of learning from an absolute master of direct-response marketing, advertising, publishing online and offline, and copywriting. Learn how to sell from a master in the art of selling.

    Maybe you're simply searching for some killer business and marketing tips?

    I can assure you, you've come to the right place.

    Are you ready to begin your road to greater success?  The first step is to build your knowledge.  We can help you do that better than anyone in the world.

     Please feel free to browse our products below and feel free to send us your questions here

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Announcing the world's most valuable home-study course!

273 people from around the world came to Tampa, Florida to attend a unique Ted Nicholas Seminar.

It's called The Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp

By popular request the focus of the event was two-fold:

  1. Secrets of Billion Dollar Copywriting

  2. How to be a Spellbinding Public Speaker including Selling Secrets from the Platform

Speakers included myself, Ted Nicholas, (with over 50% of content), Matt Furey, Trevor Crook, Bob Bly and Terry Brock

With the course you get the most thorough seminar materials including:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Seminar Workbook
  • Written Transcript – over 300 pages
    Learn everything known to man

Hear it – See it – Read it!

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Money Back Guarantee

Package includes: Complete set of DVD's, word-for-word transcript of the entire event,  workbook and free ebook, "How To Publish a Book & Sell a Million Copies"

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"There is at least one good book in everyone. Here is how to turn yours into a best seller."

--Ted Nicholas

Here's a sample of what Ted covers in the Dream Information Publishing Seminar DVD Home-Study Course.

  • Discover how you can instantly  know you have a great book idea rather than spend months, or even years on a flop, as do most authors
  • You’ll get a treasure chest of knowledge based on experience with over 100 Million Dollars  in measured advertising tests where every marketing dollar is accounted for

  • Only two things you need to achieve massive success

    1. Specialized know-how
    2. Study an exact step-by-step plan of how to apply what you’ve learned

  • You won’t be taught by any of my mentees or people I’ve trained. You can rest assured of this
  • Without a template to follow, copywriting and marketing can be tough. Publishing can also be a challenge. With the template and the rules you will discover, it becomes surprisingly easy

  • The easiest and fastest way to boost response 100% and even more without changing a word of copy

  • The easiest way to come up with free gifts and premiums to help sell the main product. (Prospects will often buy the main product just to get the free gift)
  • How to prepare irresistible e-books and hard-cover books without writing a single word yourself

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Package includes: Complete set of DVD's, full word-for-word transcript, workbook and free ebook, "How To Publish a Book & Sell a Million Copies"

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     The number one thing you can do to be more successful in business is to be a really good writer of emails and long-form sales letters.

     Ted has put together a program where he not only teaches everything he knows on writing letters and emails, but he brought in an entire team of experts to join him and present their material as well.

     The result is a brand new home study course derived from the event which took place in Tampa, Florida called, "SUCCESS IN THE SUN".

  • A massive 454-page word-for-word transcript of the entire event, contained in a beautiful 3-ring binder.
  • 74-page, follow along, workbook
  • 19 disc CD set in a handy clamshell case

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Word-for-word Transcript included!

Here's what one happy customer said after buying "The Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp"...

"I've almost finished listening to the 'The Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp CD' and I have to say that I am loving every minute of it.   The transcript itself is worth double the price I paid for it.  The rest of the items are an added bonus.  And you can quote me on that!"

- Ali Khan
 Dublin, Ireland

The Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp
Ted Nicholas
18 CD Set w/52 page workbook.  Plus,  the following (3)
Special Bonus Reports...

  • How To Write Killer Copy
  • Lucky 13 Secrets of a Successful Order Form
  • Magic Transitions - 97 Magic Phrases
    That Almost Compel Readership

"The Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp" This never before released home study course teaches you how to write killer sales copy for your business.  Ted reveals all of his secrets to writing winning ads and sales letters.

Here's what graduates of Ted's Copywriting Course had to say:

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Includes Complete Transcript!

The Millionaire Entrepreneur Home Study Course
Ted Nicholas
17 Audio CD Set w/52 page workbook & complete transcript!

PLEASE NOTE: This title currently out of stock.

Learn how to grow your business from one of the most successful business people in the world.

This incredible package comes with complete 52-page workbook and over 40 pages of examples showing you successful advertisement campaigns, etc.

In this one-of-a-kind Home-Study Course, Ted gives you over 30 hours worth of never-before-revealed advice on how to build a massively successful small business.

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Regular Price: $247.00
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Includes free bonus!
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"I used a technique that Ted shares on page 132 and applied it to a website offer of mine, for a Home Study Course. That one technique brought in an EXTRA £ONE MILLION (US $2Million) in less than 6 months on that one project alone.

The techniques Ted teaches in this book have brought me in over £20MILLION online and offline.

I NEVER miss an opportunity to invest in training and materials from Ted Nicholas."

--Andrew Reynolds
London, England

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While many might claim to be - in reality there is only one TRUE JEDI-MASTER in the field of direct marketing... Ted Nicholas...

With over five decades, creating almost $6 billion dollars in direct cash-in-hand sales, using every conceivable marketing channel...developing business success after success...

Ted has now put together the direct marketers Jedi-Master guide - a brilliant marketing and business bible - "Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets."

Packed with incredibly in-depth wisdom, and up-to-the-minute winning strategies and tactics online and offline - no smart marketer would start his next campaign without first referring to Ted's gold-nuggets, sage advice, and timeless success principles.

My general exposure to your influence has been golden to my career, life, and happiness of my family.

CONGRATULATIONS Ted on your seminal work.

Kelvin Parker
Direct Response Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

"Ted Nicholas is a living legend and an undisputed genius at marketing. This book is the Holy Grail of marketing secrets by the titan of marketing himself. Get this book and devour it now!"

- Joe Vitale
Author of "The Key" and star of "The Secret" www.mrfire.com

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Magic Words That Bring You Riches

[ Perfect Binding]
Regular Price: $67.00
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Includes free bonus!

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Magic Words That Bring You Riches Ted Nicholas
Available for instant download now. 
Product Details

      Arguably the greatest copywriter alive, Ted has invested over $100,000,000 in tests to find exactly the right words that sell.

    In "Magic Words That Bring You Riches" Ted reveals the magic words that will empower you to sell anything to anyone.

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The Ultimate "Swipe File"

How I Sold $400 Million Worth of Products and Services
Ted Nicholas (Available in print edition only)
Product Details

     In this 600+ page binder book Ted reveals his hard-won marketing and advertising secrets.  Ted shows you all of his ads giving each one a 1-5 star rating based on response rate.

Here is how the star system works:

One Star    = Break Even
Two Stars   = Profitable
Three Stars = Medium Profit
Four Stars  = Good Profit
Five Stars  = Huge Moneymaker

Binder Book
Regular Price: $357.00
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PLEASE NOTE: This title currently out of stock, will be getting more soon, please check back.

Think & Live Debt Free Forever - Matt Furey & Ted Nicholas

Regular Price: $247.00
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Includes two free
bonus reports!

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Being in debt can literally ruin EVERY part of your life. It can tear families apart. It can destroy friendships. It can even cripple your health.

On the other hand, getting out of debt and living debt free - forever, will allow you to develop yourself to the full. You'll be able to travel the world. Eat where you choose. Live in the home of your dreams. Perhaps even own homes in different countries, allowing you to explore life in every detail.

Stress free. Debt free. Prosperously.

Think & Live Debt Free Forever Think & Live Debt Free Forever - Matt Furey & Ted Nicholas

Comes in two formats:
1 audio disc
1 video disc

Full 39-page written transcript of the interview

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How To Turn Words Into Money

How To Turn Words Into Money
Ted Nicholas
Available for instant download now.
Product Details

"How To Turn Words Into Money" teaches you how to leverage proven words that have helped Ted Nicholas earn as much as $1,000,000 from a single ad.

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Hardcover Edition
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Why you should
low-ball an assignment -
even if you need the work

The answer is in this
remarkable e-book. It could
be worth thousands of
dollars to you.

Step by step,  this unique handbook spells out all you need (besides your own expertise) to become super successful.

    Whether you're just thinking of taking the plunge and becoming a consultant or whether you're an old hand at it, here – in one convenient, easy-to-read volume – is everything you need to build an outstanding practice.

    Everything.  Everything from the way your business card should look (to make you the most money) to how the contracts you sign with your clients should read (to make you the most money).

    Did you know there are four skills that you must master to earn really big money as a consultant?  Do you know what they are?  Would you like to know them?  You'll find them spelled out,  one by one, in this unique guidebook.   Including the one skill every consultant needs the most.

    Do you know what the Complete Guide To Consulting Success is?  It is exactly what it's title says: the complete 100% guide to helping you get everything you want out of being a consultant.  If you mean business in what you're doing, you should have one of your own!

Regular Price: $54.95
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Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business - "Who are You?"

    Your brand distinguishes you in the marketplace and expresses your commitment to providing the highest quality service.

    This valuable special report shows you step-by-step how to establish your brand in the marketplace.

Branding Your Business for Profit - Special Report
Regular Price: $29.97
Special Price $17  
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