Profits During Recession?

The Success Margin

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Numerous Success Margin subscribers are sweating out today’s recessionary times.

Or what is perceived as tough times.

Remember this. In marketing, whether the economy is good or bad, perception is reality.

I’ve lived through at least three recessions. And you must adjust your marketing communications during
tough times.

I can’t think of a single product or service that couldn’t be repositioned in such a way as to boost sales for as long as the recession continues.

One good strategy is to help your customers use your products to cope with the economy.

Adjusting my strategies has always caused me to make far more profit in recession than in so-called”good times.”

In the Ted Nicholas mentoring member newsletter,as well as here in The Success Margin, I’m getting lots of questions to which I’m providing unique,invaluable marketing and copy approaches.

I just responded to a vitamin marketer who is a member of my mentoring program. I believe my suggested strategy and new copy suggestions will win the day for him!

However, as with all copy, you must treat every headline and copy as a test. This includes the ones I may brainstorm on these pages.

One subscriber to The Success Margin writes:

“I’m a real estate developer and builder. Sales are off by more than 50% in the last 6 months.If you were me what would you do to revitalize sales?”

Here, T.T., is my answer:

Tough times require creative solutions. Here isa unique strategy. I would have an architect design a duplex home project. I’d build a scale model I could use to sell off plan. I’d start advertising as follows:

“Live Rent Free” (Headline)

Announcing the only real estate investment that makes sense today! (Subhead)

“You could rent out both sides of the duplex. Or live in one and rent out the other,” etc.

The rest of the copy would amplify these points. Plus, I’d include how people always need housing,no matter the economy. I’d then include:

“You could rent out both sides of the duplex. Or live in one and rent out the other,” etc.

What positive sales arguments are you making for your products during these recessionary times? The right answer could maximize your success.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas