Removing The Biggest Success Obstacle


Thursday, September 16, 2004


What is the underlying cause which may hold you back from the successful, fulfilled and happy life you dream about?

We’ve been told all our lives fear of failure is what stops us from major actions such as:

— Telling the important people in your life that you love them

— Starting a profitable business of your own

— Writing a best-selling book (I believe there is at least one great book in every human being)

— Founding a charity

— Pursuing the romantic relationship you really want

— Simplifying your life

— Adopting a beautiful child

— Creating a successful advertising program

— Voting Libertarian

— Changing jobs

— Becoming completely debt free

— Saving at least 10% of your income

— Getting a second citizenship

— Moving to a new exciting city in your home country or abroad

— Speaking publicly on a regular basis

— Placing a portion of your assets in another country

— Getting into top physical shape

— Feeling free to express emotions, including crying

** What do you fear? **

Do you fear disappointing your family or friends? Wasting your education? Poverty? Bankruptcy? Unemployment? Making new friends? Death? Insanity? Being isolated and alone?

These are all real human fears. Can these fears be attributed to fear of failure?

Fear of failure, in my view, is not the fundamental fear. I think the “experts” are dead wrong.

I submit that one underlying fear sabotages and blocks your success path. It’s the ultimate fear.

Fear of success.

Consider this. Fear of failure is the fear of making mistakes and losing the approval of others.

Fear of success is not feeling worthy of all we are capable of achieving in life. This is a major self- esteem issue for everyone. It can be devastating in its consequences.

Suppose your achievements proved all your critics wrong? Then what?

Suppose you did have the guts to really go after what you wanted?

Suppose you didn’t stop until you achieved the life of your dreams?

I had to overcome my fear of success before I made it in a big way.

My parents really did a number on me. When I shared my deepest dreams and goals, they tried to discourage me. I spoke of having a chain of shops of my own. Of becoming a millionaire. Of writing a best-selling book.

“Who are you to want to become successful, rich and famous,” they would say. “You are just an average person from a middle-class family. Stop dreaming. Perhaps become a pharmacist. Or just get a good, safe, secure job. Work hard. Be content with your life.”

My parents weren’t trying to hurt me. It was their way of protecting me from disappointment.

But I overcame my fears. And so can you.

Imagine yourself independently wealthy. Being involved only with projects you adore. Traveling the world as you wish. Enjoying the friendship of brilliant, interesting people. And all the while keeping physically fit.

While most of the people in the world do not fully understand and may even oppose such a lifestyle philosophically, you confidently know your path is sound.

You can live your life for yourself. And those you love.

You can easily support your favorite charities.

And you can know deep down your way of life is the most benevolent way you can give back to this beautiful world.

The ultimate result? You will finally be free.

The fastest, most direct way I’ve found to over- come fear of success is through expressing a few daily affirmations. The secret is to say them out loud. You may feel silly at first. Initially you may not even believe them. But, I promise you, they work.

Affirmations are deceptively powerful. You can actually trick your subconscious mind, the real powerhouse of all our lives. Eventually you will change your belief system and accept them.

Here are six affirmations I recommend:

  1. I completely forgive myself and others for honest mistakes of the past.
  2. I will ultimately succeed and deserve all the benefits of my achievements.
  3. I will forge my own path and, if necessary, am willing to stand alone.
  4. I will relentlessly pursue excellence and be all I can be.
  5. I will find a way to give back.
  6. My life in no way depends on what others think, say or do.

To accomplish anything close to your potential, you must overcome your fear of success. When you do, there will simply be no stopping you.

With my sincere best wishes for your greater success,

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

P.S. Success seldom rests on the big things. It’s doing lots of small things well over and over. Success is in the margin.