This letter was written by the late, great copywriting legend, Ted Nicholas…


“I’m living proof…


“You Can Suck at Every Business Skill
Except One and Still Become a

Dear Friend,

There is just one thing standing between you and millions of dollars in your pocket.

What is it?

A successful sales letter.

My old friend Gary Halbert used to always say, “Instead of all the wealth buried in any gold mine I’ll settle for just one profitable sales letter. It’s far more valuable!”

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online. And offline.

But you don’t really need anything else to make enormous sums of cash other than a powerful sales letter.

Just imagine for a moment what you could glean about sales letters if three world-renowned copywriters spilled the beans about their copywriting secrets!

The three copywriters I’m talking about are invaluable!

Who are they?

Matt Furey, Bob Bly and me, Ted Nicholas!

These men came together at a special event for the first and only time ever.

The occasion was a special seminar I held in Tampa, Florida, called “Success in the Sun!”

The live recordings and other materials have been developed into a powerful and easy to absorb home-study course.

Seminar Attendee Testimonials

by Ted Nicholas | Success In The Sun

Besides the big three, you’ll get two amazing “mystery” bonus speakers!

Imagine this. You will also gain access and learn from two other world-renowned best-selling authors!

The first mystery speaker will reveal a fantastic yet low-cost marketing technique. With it he was able to attract hundreds of international media to a Dairy Queen, in Omaha, Nebraska, including Warren Buffet himself.


Would you believe this?

He gave away a free sample of an ice cream cone!

The speaker will reveal exactly how he pulled off this incredible P.R. coup.

The second mystery speaker will talk about the most famous chapter in his book. His book has already sold millions of copies.

What’s this chapter about anyway?

The author tells this true story. He describes how I, Ted Nicholas, speaking at this event, auctioned off one of my biggest, most valuable secrets. The winning bid involved paying a lot of money for the secret. 100% of the proceeds of the auction went to help victims of Hurricane Andrew.

But the only person who got the secret out of over 700 attendees was the winning bidder.

Just wait till you hear the details. You will surely get your creative juices flowing!

All five world-class speakers’ techniques are simple and clear. And each is designed to immediately multiply your income.

Marketing & Sales Skills

Bonus speaker will help you with Search Engine Optimization

My old friend, Ed Taylor, did a terrific job teaching the key secrets of search engine optimization.

You’ll readily understand how Ed was one of the very first Internet speakers. Long before the Internet became such a powerful marketing vehicle.

Look at what you get. First you’ll be exposed to me, Ted Nicholas, and my proven marketing and copy secrets.

As to long-form sales letters, I’ll bring you behind the scenes and hold nothing back. I’ll show you exactly how I earn as much as $1,000,000 from a single piece of copy. And so can you once you know how!

Does my technique work?

Using my systems, and starting with just $90, I’ve already sold over 7 Billion in products and services around the world.

I have also built and sold 23 companies of my own.

What I’m most proud of is that I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs become more successful.

Hundreds, of my mentees, in fact, have become millionaires.

Why is my copy so powerful?

One reason is this.

I use my copyrighted “Magic Words” to empower my copy. Why is this significant? Because each word I use in copy is not just theory. Every single word has been fully tested by me.

I’ve invested over $100,000,000 in marketing tests to date.

Introducing a great long-form letter writer

Matt Furey tells his amazing story.

Matt was a personal trainer in 1995. And he was way beyond being merely broke. His credit cards and other debts totaled over $100,000.

Seeing one of my ads in a popular magazine, Matt sent for my course, “You, a Millionaire Writer?’

But unlike most course buyers who don’t think each and every recommendation is important, Matt followed every single piece of advice. Except one.

He didn’t write the ad to sell his manual before he wrote his first book.

After the book flopped, Matt decided to try again and write another book.

But this time wrote an ad before he wrote the book.

Matt’s second book was a smashing success.

Since that time Matt Furey has become one of the most successful Internet marketers in the world. Sales have already exceeded $33,000,000. And he operates with just a single employee.

Matt’s focus is very direct. He doesn’t bother with a lot of technical stuff. While he’s good at it, it just takes too much time. Matt is best known for writing honest, persuasive, from-the-heart emails.

Matt committed himself to teach attendees at the Success in the Sun event all he’s learned about writing long-form sales letters.

Most Valuable Asset

Introducing a copywriter famous around the world

Bob Bly is a world-class successful copywriter. He is a multi-millionaire too.

Bob consistently writes record-breaking campaigns for clients small and large.

His clients include many big names including Agora, Writer’s Digest, Wall Street Reporter, Rodale, Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill, Georgetown Publishing, etc.

The basis of all his successes are powerful long-form sales letters. The result of these letters? They break all sales records.

As you’ll soon see for yourself, Bob holds nothing back in his presentations to our lucky attendees.

Bob Bly

Hi Ted,

“I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your 4 hour seminar in London, UK a few weeks ago. I should have been at a friend’s wedding that night, but there was no way I was going to leave the seminar until you had finished talking. I wanted to hear and understand every word you said.

My mission now is to learn everything I can about copywriting and study all of your courses. I have already signed up for your newsletter and bought ‘Magic Words that Bring You Riches.’
Thank you again.”

— Graham Stogden

After all, there is no shame in living a modest life. In a modest house. Holding down a mediocre job. Millions do just that and seem content with their lot.  But if that’s you, there is no point in your reading further because…

What you will learn about the art of copywriting

  • Without a template to follow, copywriting and marketing can really be tough. Publishing can also be a challenge. With the template and the rules you will be taught, it becomes surprisingly easy
  • The easiest and fastest way to boost sales response 100% and even more without changing a word of copy
  • The easiest way to come up with free gifts and premiums that will help you sell the main product. (Prospects will often buy the main product just to get the free gift)
  • How to prepare irresistible e-books and hard-cover books without writing a single word yourself
  • The simple 9-word sentence I say to myself daily that will help you become enormously persuasive and happier too!
  • How to price your product for maximum sales. There is a secret to effective pricing that not 1 in 10,000 entrepreneurs know
  • How to use Fear of Loss in copy (which is far more motivating than Hope of Reward) to sell more of your product
  • How to close 300% more sales with a simple technique I’ve never disclosed before
  • How to approach a busy producer or reporter of a big name show as to why they should put you on the air.

    I’ve successfully booked hundreds of radio and TV interviews to sell, without any cost whatsoever, massive quantities of books! Discover how you, too, can book interviews on major U.S. shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Regis Philbin, Maury Povich, John Gambling, Don Imus, Good Morning America and the Today show as I’ve done numerous times

  • How to test your audience quickly and inexpensively to see how much of their hard-earned money they will spend on your product

Lifetime Value

How you as an unpublished author may be able to get a $1 million dollar advance or more from a major publishing house

Hi Ted,

“Since the seminar, I’ve used your Advertising Secrets on each of the three copywriting projects I’ve used and seen response rates between 2 and 7 percent. Thanks again for all the great information!”

—John Beede
Las Vegas, Nevada

  • How to turn a book about your specialized knowledge into a profitable million dollar training and seminar business
  • Discover exactly how I went from an idea to millions in my bank account so you can do it too
  • Little-known wealth strategy. How to maximize the biggest pay day of your life. Secrets of what you need to do to build and sell your Information Publishing business in 5 years for at least 3-5 times what it’s worth
  • Price magic. How to go from a book that flopped at $20 a copy to a whopping success at $70. My own case history will reveal exactly, after failing at first, how I sold 200,000 copies at $70 (that’s $14,000,000.) Would you like to know the price strategy? Ask yourself – what could this mean to you and your career?
  • Discover why you are just 17 words or less away from a fortune!
  • Discover the amazing technique I’ve developed that will empower you to create incredibly effective headlines. The art of preparing a powerful headline is responsible for at least 73% of the success of my copy. I’ll teach you my very own secret method (with examples) which continue to bring me and my clients millions of dollars each year! (Even Richard Branson is using this technique)
  • Secrets on how to attract clients who pay you big money as a copywriter, marketer, and/or a publisher, whichever field in which you decide to specialize.
  • How to absolutely fall in love with your products, your customers and, no matter your current position, even how to love your life!
  • Discover where the big money really is in copywriting, about which few copywriters have a clue. That’s why most are starving to death.
  • I will show you how a single piece of copy can earn you $1,000,000 or more. And the wealth secret has absolutely nothing to do with charging big upfront fees
  • How to prepare a series of e-mails that make your ultimate online offer almost irresistible.
  • How to fail forward so that your so-called failures propel you to even greater success.
  • How to create successful space advertising which has become nearly a lost art. Discover exactly why my space ads, some written years ago, continue to earn fortunes for my clients and continued royalties for me as well
  • Secrets of writing successful million dollar books in the shortest possible time, in as few as 30-90 days.

The Purpose of Headline

“OK Ted, but how do I know the Success in the Sun Home-Study Course is for me?”

By now you probably have a gut feel about whether you really should own this course no matter what it takes. Owners of my courses over the world are thrilled with what they get from them.

My normal seminar ticket for a live seminar is from $7,500 to $15,000. And attendees have been absolutely delighted with what they’ve learned.

But not to worry. You may have the course at a fraction of what live attendees paid. And you will even gain more benefits.

There is just one way to lose out

There is only one possible way to lose to choose NOT to seize this opportunity.

By not having the course, you clearly will not be in the game at all.

Instead you will be choosing to sit on the sidelines.

You’ll be fully aware of others becoming very wealthy marketers.

You’ll be letting another year go by in a “status quo” state, without positive change in your life.

You’ll still be an outsider peering in wondering why not me?”

Why not indeed.

“The price of education is paid just once.

The price of ignorance is paid forever!”

Successful entrepreneurs value all the real-world education they can get. Why? Because it’s so rare.

For example, Yanik Silver, currently one of the Internet’s top marketers and presently already financially independent, continues to invest at least $50,000 per year on his educational materials.

This includes seminars, books, CDs and DVDs. Do you think Yanik is a fool? Or a very wise man?

I can tell you this. Yanik attributes his achievement of financial independence at such a young age (32) to his habit of continually learning.

In fact, I’ve found many of the Olympic champions of business who read my books and own my training courses are also perpetual students. They are always looking for ideas from my presentations.

Please understand that I, too, each year continue to invest tens of thousands of dollars in books, tapes and seminars. I’m always seeking to increase my knowledge. And I’m always looking for big new ideas from any source I can find. Aren’t you?

How To Change Emotional State Instantly

Who should study the Success in the Sun

Home-study Course?

  • Those who wish to start part-time and with little money turn their idea into a million dollar business
  • Entrepreneurs who want to make their business recession proof and to prosper even during hard times.

“Can you resist a Ted Nicholas headline? I doubt it. Few people can. I never could. But see for yourself. Take this short test. Just look at how this all-time master of marketing has titled some of the chapters in his new tell-all book, “Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets,” which for my money is worth its weight in diamonds.

Ready? See if you can possibly resist wanting to know: A Surefire Tip That Always Increases Sales … 11 Secrets of a Successful Ad … A Business Strategy That Can’t Miss … The Secret to a 100% Response … How to Successfully Market Your Products Around the World … 12 Little Mailing Tips That Make a Big Difference … The Success Attitude That Never Fails … The Real Secrets of Great Writing … Boost Sales the Easy Way … Tell’m What They Will Lose … A Headline Can Earn You a Fortune … Headlines That Sizzle.

“And then there are: 14 Rules for Achieving Financial Literacy … The Top Seven Marketing Mistakes … How to Hire the Best Employees … An Extra $2,000,000 Profit on One Mailing … How to Become a Successful Self-Publisher … How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Causes of Business Failures … 7 Magic Words to Happiness …How to Get a Job During All Economic Times … The Top Ten Mistakes in Preparing Sales Letters … The Killer Order Form … Work Less, Have More Fun … How to Sell Your Business Successfully … The Most Important Lessons in My Life. And those are just a brief sample.” Thank you again.”
Gary Bencivenga
The World’s 2nd Best Copywriter Editor, Bencivenga Bullets

  • New book authors who want to have a competitive advantage
  • Copywriters and marketers who want to be more successful
  • Speakers and experts with books and other products to sell
  • Speakers who want to develop products and a separate income stream from intellectual property
  • Publicists who want to discover more about book promotion and marketing
  • Anyone who wants to publish faster, easier and less expensively
  • Authors working on a book proposal or manuscript
  • Authors who are negotiating a book contract
  • Publishers who want to better promote authors and their books
  • Publicists who want to discover more about book promotion and marketing
  • Anyone who wants to publish faster, easier and less expensively
  • Authors working on a book proposal or manuscript
  • Authors who are negotiating a book contract
  • Publishers who want to better promote authors and their books

“Hi Ted,

Your seminar in Orlando was terrific. The time you spent with us and the lessons you taught us was fitting for an audience spending thousands of dollars in travel expenses, hotels and seminar costs just to hear you speak.

I was amazed at how thorough you were. It was like a continuous flow of information with one hanging at the edge of their seat to hear. Your advice is easy to implement and follow.

Thank you again for your generosity and for sharing what you had to say. I know it came from the heart.”

Helene Solinga
Putnam Valley, NY

  • Anyone wanting a real world overview of what it takes to succeed as a best-selling author
  • Anyone with a book, CD, DVD, software, or other intellectual property idea to develop into a valuable and saleable product

The ability to sell, especially in print, separates the haves from the have-nots.

I did a seminar for millionaires just last week. To attend each participant had to be worth at least one million dollars. While they were all different, each attendee had one fascinating trait in common. The ability to craft a sales message. And deliver it persuasively.

Discover how you, too, can develop and master professional sales skills in perhaps the easiest and most effective way known. In sales copy.

Imagine the personal power you’d have. You could wake up naked and broke in any city. And within 3 years again be a millionaire! Desirous of being financially independent I had long sought to develop this skill ― In fact, it was my ultimate dream ever since I was a teenager.

What is the world’s highest paid skill?

Please understand this. Selling is the highest paid profession in the world. But in personal sales you must learn how to tolerate numerous “Noes.” Otherwise, the law of averages will not work in your favor.

I have probably experienced more “Noes” than perhaps anyone you’ve ever known. But since I began direct marketing, naturally I don’t get to meet most of my prospects personally. Therefore I’ve never had to listen to a single “no” reply. Not even once! And once you learn direct marketing, neither will you.

Plus, what is also crucial to understand is this. I’ve also gotten more “Yeses” than perhaps any marketer on the planet! Once you learn direct marketing you will experience exactly the same thing.

One of the many beauties of direct marketing online or offline, because you are never face-to-face with your prospects, you never, ever experience a single “No” response! No one enjoys hearing “No.” At first it can even seem like a personal rejection.

For lots of people, including myself, never hearing anything but “Yes” is a huge advantage!

“I was honored to sit under Ted’s teaching/coaching/vision-casting. I especially appreciated the Q&A session and the opportunity to ‘rub shoulders’ with such a great, yet humble, man.”

Mike Hulen
Stuart, Fl.

Here’s what you get with the package…

  • A 454-page word-for-word transcript of the entire event. Digitally delivered. 
  • The complete 74-page, fill-in-the-blank seminar workbook. Digitally delivered.
  • The complete set of streaming audio. That’s 20+ hours of seminar recordings!
  • The entire bundle, including bonus ebooks, all delivered instantly! You’ll get your own account!

Free Bonus E-Books!

Dave here. If you’ve read this far, let me see if I can sweeten the deal even more!   


You’re already getting hours upon hours of wealth building information from multiple speakers that run the gamut of online marketing techniques including; email marketing, promotion, search engine optimization, and much more.  For a limited-time bargain price of just $77!  


But we also like to overdeliver!  So I’ve decided to throw in three great Ted Nicholas e-Books;


The Golden Mailbox – How To Get Rich Direct Marketing Your Product


38 Ways to use FREE – The Most Powerful Word In Any Language


The Ted Nicholas Moneymaking 20-Minutes-a-Year Investment System


These three bonus books combined would normally cost you the same as Success In The Sun course!  You’re getting well over $400 dollars worth of products, for just $77!  

You’d have to be crazy not to act now and grab yours before this offer goes away!  

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server

Your USP

At the risk of seeming overly blunt or arrogant
please read the following carefully

Are you rushing to complete your study course application right now?

Frankly, if what I’ve shared with you in this letter from the depths of my soul hasn’t jacked you up so that you must have the course no matter what, something is off-track.

If you are not for any reason motivated to do what’s necessary — even move heaven and earth if necessary to get the course, please do me and yourself a personal favor.

Please do not order it!

This course is a golden opportunity. But it is strictly for entrepreneurs seriously motivated to learn, profit and take action.

If this is not for you I sincerely wish you well in your job or other endeavors.

But crafting sales letters and copywriting, while by far the best business opportunity in today’s world, is just not for everybody.

If you are happy working 50 hours or so a week for an ordinary income, then maybe my Success in the Sun Home-Study Course is not for you. Maybe you should even just quit striving now and give up the dream of making any real money.

We’d like to provide the valuable limited edition of the course just to those who really want to become the new “players” in this fantastic field.

Don’t miss this one-time opportunity. 

As I mentioned before, I can easily charge $7,500 or $15,000 for the seminar. And it still would be a tremendous value.

Imagine yourself with this lifestyle!

You can have your very own cash-on-demand business which produces staggering results,

And you will be proud to own your mini or maxi publishing empire, depending on how far you want to take it.

All you need to operate this business is a laptop which you can operate from anywhere in the world.

You can set it up so that 90% of your activities are automated, giving you the best benefit of all — lots of free time.

I can tell you this. The opportunity will not come around again.

And to think, it’s guaranteed!

No catch… No strings… No kidding.

Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

Here is my guarantee in black and white. Order the course now. It comes complete with Instantly-Accessible Audio Recordings and a digitally-delivered full written transcript for easier study. It’s so much easier to learn the material when you have a full transcript in black and white. Plus, you also get the complete seminar workbook! 

Study the materials for a full 30 days. If you are not delighted with the course for any reason you may simply let us know. You take no risk whatsoever.

We guarantee to buy it back from you. Could anything be more fair or risk-free?

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server

The Importance of Headline

You have 48 hours to act!!

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for spending the time to read my letter. And regardless of what you choose to do, may I thank you for considering our once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Warm regards,
Ted Nicholas

P.S. I promise you there are no catches whatsoever. If you are not thrilled with Success In The Sun after reviewing it for a full 30 days you may return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

P.P.S. Attendees to the live event paid several thousands of dollars to attend. You are getting an incredible bargain. Plus, you actually get even more benefit than the live attendees. You can listen over and over to your hearts content!  The complete written transcript delivered digitally makes it even easier to absorb the material!

P.P.P.S. You will be writing “hot” money-earning long-form sales letters within a few days of receiving the course.

P.P.P.P.S. Heck, people could easily drop that much on coffee each month at Starbucks!

Pictures With Copy

Here are the heartfelt comments of live attendees at the Success in the Sun event.

“This weekend was packed full of all kinds of information, great ideas, and concepts that we can use. I particularly like the idea of turning words into money. That’s what I do, and when you think about it, that’s what we all do. And that’s what Ted Nicholas has been telling us all along.”

Terry Brock
Orlando, Florida

“I would like to thank Ted for giving me all of those reasons for finally understanding why some copy appeals to me and others don’t. Understanding how I get that envelope opened when I’m sending my own copy, understanding the magic of the Drop P, that it really is a neat thing, and not just something I like.

I just appreciate all the very specific pieces of information that you’ve given us throughout this presentation.”

Chris Green,
Boulder, Colorado

“Ted is the one that has taught all the other maverick copywriters out there, and I just enjoy listening to him.”

Tom Green
Boulder, Colorado

“If I were to say everything that I gained today, it would take another three days, but the most important thing that I gleaned from the conference here is the fact that you’ve opened my eyes to all the potential of what’s out there, and the sea of future possibilities and opportunities that one can seize.”

Barbara Hales
Boynton Beach, Florida

“I have a travel business I’ve been struggling with. It has the potential to do extremely well, and fortunately I knew when I came here that I’d be able to pick up some tips.

The biggest thing is I met Trevor Crook, and he and I are going to work together. I want to thank you, Ted, for that.”

Don Furlita
Tampa, Florida

“Hi, I’m Joachim de Posada, author of the book Don’t Eat the Marshmallow…Yet.

First of all, I want to thank Ted for allowing me to go to the platform and tell you my story. That way I sold out of all my books, and I really appreciate some of you going to already and buying it. I really appreciate it.

If you are an entrepreneur, a business person, or a consultant hearing this message, I would urge you to come to a Ted Nicholas seminar. What you learn will not only be useful in your copywriting world, but it will also be useful in the world of business.

I particularly have so many ideas that, to me, to tell you I would take the whole hour telling you what I learned here. Let me give you two or three that really struck me.

One of them being an offer on dealing with big publishers – actually my agent. That gave me an idea which is very interesting. The direct mail rights from the publisher. I hadn’t even thought about that. That’s an idea that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The second idea – which is incredible – is how even one word or one price change can boost the results of an ad by 100%, 200%, or 300% by simply changing one word – or one letter, in the case that we were discussing. That’s absolutely amazing, and it tells you a lot about human behavior.

The third thing that I will tell entrepreneurs or people attending this seminar is that the people you meet here are the most wonderful people in the world. They’re all looking for business. They’re all creative. They all think out of the box, and they all are willing to give you advice, help you out, and you become like a big family trying to make it and be successful in a difficult world.

This, of course, makes it much easier for all of us, knowing that many of us together are trying to achieve goals and be more successful. That’s a big advantage in today’s competitive world. Thank you.”

Joachim de Posada
Miami, Florida

“The two things that I have at the top of my mind right now is how Ted starts a piece of copy. Some people say, “Write the bullets,” and some say, “Write the body copy,” but Ted made it very clear that you should start with the headline. That’s a really important thing to me.

Mark Goggin
Thousand Oaks, California

“Now, while I have this microphone, I’d like to have the opportunity to say that what we’re doing is we’re involved – my friend here and myself – in San Francisco with teaching and promoting the understanding of economics, something that is not now available, really, throughout the country. There just isn’t a dearth of that kind of information.

So, anybody who’s interested in economics, I suggest that you just go on the Internet and Google either “San Francisco School of Economics” or “Economic Club of San Francisco.”

Ingo Bischoff
San Francisco, California

“I’ve got a great sore throat, so I’m not going to say a lot except thank you to Ted Nicholas for, in essence – this is a wonderful seminar that was essentially given to us almost for free. Thank you for your generosity in that.”

Wendell Fitzgerald
Mount Shasta, California

“The main things I got out of it was – at the moment I’m very focused on developing writing skills, so it really helped me with the whole process of writing ad copy and sales letters. You have given us a lot of what really will help me a lot: all this about preparing to write copy, getting in the right frame of mind to write copy, doing other things to increase your creativity, and then also all the checklists.

To be able to have checklists to go through the copy was very valuable, because I’m not that experienced at writing copy. To have all that available now, I’ve got a lot of ways to avoid missing some really obvious things, like forgetting the P.S., forgetting to sign my name, or whatever. All of that was really helpful.”

Joffrey Long
Los Angeles, California

I’ve been a mentee of Ted’s for the last few months. This is the second seminar I’ve been to. I went to one in London that Ted gave in August, and it was a huge pleasure to be invited back again for, as my friend over here said, virtually no cost at all.

Also, not only to get the benefit of Ted’s incredible insight into the field of which he really is the grand master, but all of the other speakers whose contributions have been enormous and like Ted, have been given so very generously, particularly in the field of the Internet, which is another area that interests me a lot.

Everyone has given their time tremendously generously, and quite apart from everything that we’ve learned here, we’ve had an awful lot of laughs. I particularly think of the time when there was a suggestion that I should impersonate a FedEx man.

I’ve had a wonderful time. Thank you very, very much indeed, Ted, for, as always, giving of yourself so hugely and generously. Thank you.”

Ed Wood
Gloucestershire, UK

“First of all, thank you for inviting me for dancing with you. I heard that it was one of the best seminars where – people actually never saw someone dancing in such a serious matter.

What I learned, and what actually was a discovery for me, is that you have to write a letter as though you’re writing to your mother, or to a friend or relative. Before, I felt very tense when I wrote my copy, and after this, I just felt very relieved. It’s much easier. That was a big discovery.

Also, Matt mentioned that the second way to write a good copy is like you’re pushing a mountain. That was also a good technique.

Jamilya Colbeck
Miami Beach, Florida

“Be a kid. What I realized today, Matt and I spoke about this briefly at the break. I know I’ve got millions of dollars sitting on my laptop going to waste, and I’ve got to G-O-M-A – get off my ass – now and make it.

The second thing is, I didn’t come here to get just one pure nugget of gold. I didn’t get one; I got at least a hundred. I think you’ll all agree that you’ve got at least a hundred. For me, it is now a matter of systemizing those 100 gold nuggets, applying them, and making money.

Thirdly, the Godfather of copywriting – thank you very much to you and Bethany for inviting me as your guest, and I look forward to our continued friendship.”

Trevor Crook
Vancouver, Canada

“I was invited to this, and I really didn’t have any previous dealings with Ted, or knowledge of his information. I was really blown away this weekend.

I’ve attended many seminars before in the past with other gurus, and I really can say that with this one, I’ve walked away with more pearls of wisdom than any of them ever before, and it’s been a tremendous experience.

I’m starting off and launching a new entity, and I think the information I’ve gathered today will be extremely helpful in making that a success, so I thank you.

The thing that struck me most was not only the pearls of wisdom that I got from a business sense here, but more of the sense of what a way to live your life. I mean, you’re a true gentleman. Some of the things that you shared about taking down the curtain of – as far as being a tough guy, it was difficult for me to get up here and dance. I said, ‘What the heck did I get myself into?’

It’s just wonderful, and you set a great example. Some of the pearls of wisdom, as she shared about being a child and so forth – those are the things that make life great, and I appreciate your insight and wisdom into that.

Hopefully I’ll be at another seminar soon with you. Thank you.”

John Porricolo
Tampa, Florida

“I really enjoyed the fact that all of the speakers here have been very approachable. I didn’t feel like there was a big barrier between myself as a regular person starting out and the speakers. So I really enjoyed that.

I really appreciated hearing all the stories about how everyone got started, and the fact that when you’re starting off, there’s going to be lots of failures, but you’ve just got to keep on going. You can still have a lot of failures and be successful. I really liked that gem.

Thank you so much, Ted, for your generosity.”

Ronak Ganatra
Tampa, Florida

“A couple months ago, my husband put on our mirror, “Just for today, I’m going to love my life,” and today I found out where that came from.

Anyhow, I’ve read that every morning for a couple of months. The other thing I do daily is listen to psycho-cybernetics, which really pumps me up during the day, and now I have a few other things to add to that that you’ve given us.

Acting like a child – I’m always telling my kids to grow up. I’m not going to do that anymore. Just the fact about putting the enthusiasm – do what you love, and put the enthusiasm in it. I really do appreciate what you’ve given me also this weekend.”

Kathy Carfrae
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“I came here to expand my pizza business through info products. I’m looking through my notes, and the thing that’s jumping out right now is “Write the title to a report or book, then the ad for the book, and then write the book.”

That was quite a concept for me today. The speakers – especially Matt and Bob – were really invigorating. I come here to look for a way to expand my pizza business with an info product, and I find out there are ideas for info products swirling around my head, just enormously.

Thank you very much, Ted. I appreciate it.”

Tom Carfrae
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“I just got back from China. It’s very hard for me to get out of the house for a couple of days.

Matt told me, ‘Hey, we’ve got this seminar. You’ve got to go.’

I said, “Why?”

He said, ‘Hey, Ted was the first of my teachers. You’d better go.’ So I heard a lot of good about you, but I had never met you.

I said, ‘No, I don’t want to go, because I want to see my kids. I want to stay home with them.’

He said, ‘No, let’s go.’ So, I came here. You know, I’ve really enjoyed it. I love it, and I got a lot of good ideas. All the details that we shared about it, we talk about them on the way home and on the way here, so we just couldn’t stop talking about it.

Even though he’s doing very well, all of the ideas that we learn here are just going to improve our business and make it even better. Thank you very much. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Zhannie Furey,
Tampa, Florida

And I’m Matt Furey, a speaker here at this illustrious, extraordinary event. Normally, when I speak at events, I leave when I’m done. I don’t show up until I’m supposed to speak.

This event was really – how do we want to say it – it was like a coming-home event, because Ted’s the guy that I originally learned from. I’m still learning from him, I’m happy to say. I took plenty of notes, and I have many big ideas – more than I can act on in a minute, but do it now and make them say “Wow!”

Thank you again, Ted. It’s been awesome. I’ve enjoyed meeting all of you attendees and hearing your stories, and so on. Continued success to all of you. Thank you.”

Matt Furey
Tampa, Florida

“Ted, thank you very much. This seminar has been really, really great for me to see other people in different situations. I’ve seen Matt speak many, many times but at his own events. Some of the other speakers I’ve met before – Trevor – and it’s the first that I’ve seen some of the others.

It’s really nice to get a little different perspective. Thank you for that.

Some of the major things that I learned – there are so many new ideas that I got today that will not only help me but will help others that I help as well, as far as ideas that come around. I really think the information that I got today will help me help them make their businesses even better. The negotiating tactics for me were tremendous, the magazines and the book publishing deals. This event was very cheap in any case, but that was priceless, something that we hadn’t really thought of.

There were a lot of things that I wasn’t doing that I either forgot about or I made the mistake of not doing, so it was a really good reminder of things that I needed to do that might have been costing us some money. Thank you very much.”

Carol Brown
Tampa, Florida

We could feel your energy. For a man of 48 who has invited us to his 120th birthday party, we just hope that we are around in the next 60 years to get there.

We came over here to learn how to move our own businesses up another notch. For example, I am a financial author in the U.K. I am one of the boring, drab CFPs that you were talking about earlier.

I have written about a dozen books, mainly financially-oriented, but very much involved in consumer education in the U.K. which is one of the main principles of the regulators there is what they call “financial capability for the general public.”

That is a gap that I actually bridge there by being the only independent financial advisor/author in the whole of the U.K. That just shows you how little knowledge there is available in the area of retirement, inheritance tax, pensions, and so on.

For us it has been a major, major uplifting experience to be able to learn from all of the gurus: yourself, Ed, Matt, Rob, Paul, and et cetera. It has been the most uplifting, fantastic experience for us.

We have literally gained hundreds of ideas. We have had lots of discussions. We have met some fantastic people here. The networking also has been great, and we hope that we will be able to continue with that in the future.”

Thank you to all of those of you whom we have met, and we hope that we meet you again.”

Tony Conry
Shropshire, England

“This is the first time I am exposed to Ted’s material. It is just incredible. Also, all the speakers were incredible.

I wish I could have bought all the materials, but since this is my first time with Ted here, I decided to buy his stuff. I just learned incredible amounts of ideas to put into practice. Do it now and make them say, “Wow!”  

I actually put it into practice already this weekend. I co-authored a book with Ted Nicholas. I hope I am going to make a lot of people say, “Wow!” Thank you, Ted. Thank you, everybody.”

Michele LaLiberte
Tampa, Florida

“I want to thank you, Ted, for the seminar which is essentially a gift. I can’t summarize everything I have learned. There were lots of blockbuster points that really wowed me, that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, but there were three in particular that I will take back with me that I am excited about.

One is I am in the process of writing an e-book. I have never written a book before, so this is a challenge. I have written the first four chapters, and I get here and find out I have to start over from the beginning because I’ve got to write the headline first, and then I’ve got to write the ad that will sell the book to find out if the book is a go or not.

That is a very valuable insight that I am enthusiastic about. This afternoon you described to us how we could get the rights, negotiate to buy the rights to books that used to be bestsellers two or three years earlier. I think that is a really great idea. I am really excited about that.

I already have probably four different titles in mind. I don’t know if these were bestsellers recently. I am a book reader. I have been for years, and I have all these really great ideas of books that I know are fantastic books, they are books that deserve to be classics.

That is how I feel about it, so I am excited, and I want to do that.

The last thing that turned my crank here was your comments about how writing copy essentially involves engaging those younger slices of our personality that so often we tend to repress, hide from ourselves. I just thought that was liberating to hear about that.

Engaging your inner child, engaging your inner teenage self. I thought that was very useful and very valuable. It has been a wonderful seminar, and I appreciate it. Thank you.”

Mark Humphrey
Great Falls, Montana

“I think the most powerful concept I got was the power of being a marketer, finding products that I would like that I can’t find in stores. Why not? Why can I not go to them and be the marketer?”

Rick Cassinelli
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Hi, I am Marie Kane, and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I drove down here since it is not a bad drive, and the whole time I was driving, I was thinking about the product that I am getting ready to launch, called Market Survey Mastery.

I have been working on it for quite a while. The product is all ready. I worked on the sales letter a lot, but I was thinking that something is not right. I am having a hard time quite putting my finger on it.

Then I start thinking, “Maybe it is too formal, too cold, or it doesn’t have enough feeling.” Then this voice in my head says, “Yes, but for the corporate market, you need to have this and that,” which is not who I am, personally.

I am thinking about that and struggling with that, and thinking about a lot of other things, and sort of thinking about, “Okay, how might I go about getting this out into the world other than e-mail, the Web site, and so forth?

“I wonder about doing ads in business magazines. Well, I don’t know anything about how to do that, and those are expensive, and so forth.”

So I get in here, as you guys all know, it wasn’t on the agenda, and Ted says, “Would you like to know about ads?” I wanted to leap up and go, “YES!” I was so excited about that.

Then he proceeded to confirm, “Yes, Marie, you really do need to put the feeling back into the sales letter.”

I was sitting her and started writing. Then I jumped up and wrote a headline that says, ‘How to Turn Market Surveys into Sales Profits and Raving Fan Customers.’

That is better than anything I have written, and I have been working on this for a while, so I have 14 pages of notes, Ted.

It is a good thing I signed up to be a mentee because that is not notes on the content. That is 14 pages of specific to-dos I derived from coming here. I am going to need some help.

I also met some new friends, and I also write inspirational books, and I haven’t put those out in the world yet, but that is next on my list. I wasn’t even studying on that when I walked in here; I had that other thing on my mind.

I got ideas about that and some ideas about e-mail from Matt which electrified me, and some things from Bob, and some things from talking with Joachim.

I think I could fly back to Atlanta under my own powers without the benefit of a car at this point, and I can’t wait to get your $400 Million Dollar binder that I bought so I can jump into that and start digging out the things I need to go with. Thank you very much.”

Marie Kane
Atlanta, Georgia

“I would like to thank you, Ted, and all of the speakers, for definitely over-delivering all weekend. Your staff also, you have a wonderful staff. You definitely exceeded all of my expectations, and I am sure the expectations of a lot of people in this room. For that, thank you very much.

This is kind of my first info publishing or Internet-type of seminar that I have attended. You never know quite what to expect. Again, you over-delivered, and there is so much that I surely will benefit from that I have learned this weekend.

One thing that I surely wanted to experience was meeting other people, being with people that are like-minded because especially when you first start your own business, sometimes you feel isolated. You can’t readily talk to your regular people that you meet at work about the things that you are working on because they just wouldn’t understand.

Definitely on the personal level, this was great to meet new friends and to just know that I am not alone out there. There are other people with the same dreams and expectations of a better life.

Also what I definitely want to take back with me is focus. I now feel more focused. I have always been really good at ideas. I always have a thousand things swimming in my head.

One thing that Matt said yesterday during his presentation was a comment that he didn’t finish anything. His wife said that he didn’t finish anything. That is one thing I have always struggled with. I am great at starting things, but I don’t always finish.

Now I feel a lot more focused. I have got to pick that one idea and finish and be a winner, right?”

Gaetan Rioux
Nashville, Tennessee

“I came here this weekend with an interest in copywriting, and an interest in creating an information product.

One thing I learned and I am going to do is create a book title. I have one already outlined, but I am going to write the sales letter and all of the copywriting for the book before I do anything.

Then I am going to write out all the chapter headings. I met a couple people here at the seminar, and I am going to send that information to them and let them review it and critique it. Then I think I will have the basis of a sound book based upon what you have taught.

I would like to say to those people listening to my words that I cannot think of one product or one service in the United States that if they will learn your great marketing principles, they can increase their revenue, they can increase their profits, and they can increase their cash flow not just for twelve months, but for the next five years.

I think that the power of your marketing is such that if a person listening to what I have to say, if they are making $50,000 this year, that they can take your marketing principles and make $250,000 within five years.

If they are making $100,000 now, within five years, they could be making $700,000 to $800,000.

I really believe that you are a master at direct response marketing, and I think you are a treasure to the United States, and I hope you live to be 120 because you have a lot of people to teach your marketing principles, and you are just absolutely fantastic. Thank you, Ted.”

Dave Wiley
Columbus, Indiana

“My name is Dave Adams, and I am from Northern California, not far from San Francisco. I have learned so much, I don’t know where to start.

One thing that I would like to bring up that is most important to me probably is the fact that Ted offered the resale rights to two books. I am going to take that and run with it.

Thank you, Ted. That was fantastic. I really appreciate it, and I have enjoyed meeting all of the nice people that are here. And thank you to your staff.”

Dave Adams
Santa Rosa, California

“I am Maggie Graham, and I am Dunedin, which is just next to Clearwater. I have been in publishing services for a long time. This really came at a perfect time because I am about to start working with an author on a series of books, and I know just what to do now: start with the marketing.

I just want to thank Ted and thank the other speakers. I have just gained a tremendous amount and an expansion of my career. Thank you very much.”

Maggie Graham
Dunedin, California

“I have been involved in the Internet since 1994 when my husband and I started a Web development company. About seven years ago, I decided that we should build a directory for veterinarians because I couldn’t find one in my local area.

At great time and great expense and utilizing my staff, we put together, which is the number one and most popular veterinary directory on the Internet today.

But it was something I thought people need, but not what they wanted. I did everything backwards. So what wound up happening is the people that pay us are the veterinarians. The people that need the service are the pet owners.

I did a few things right, but I left out so many of the basics that I couldn’t figure out how to communicate to vets. I have been sending newsletters for seven years, they are very popular. I have tremendous lists of vets, a database of over 66,000 veterinarians, and a big database of pet owners. They are separate.

I mail to them twice a month, and they love us. But I couldn’t figure out how to sell to vets which is really the best market for me – until this weekend.

I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for going over the basics again, and for taking me back to step one on how you should start things. Finally I had the clarity to see what I needed to do next to really optimize everything that we have built over seven years.

Thank you to everyone here. I got ideas from everyone. Thank you.”

Linda Ferguson
Clearwater, Florida

“I am Linda Restel, and I am from the San Francisco Bay area. I also thank you for going back to the basics because I needed it. Unlike this Linda, I had no experience on the Internet. Someday my story on how I got started will go something like this:

I have two sons, 30-something years old. I actually got them together with their significant others and made an announcement to them. They were altogether in one of my son’s cars.

I said, “Oh, well as long as you guys are together, this might be a good time for me to tell you something. I am going to quit my job of 9+ years, and I am going to move in the direction of starting an Internet business. Are you there? Guys?”

Then I heard this, ‘Gee, Mom. Are you sure you should do that? What do you know about Internet business, Mom?’

I said, “Well, I am going to learn. Hey, isn’t it great to know that your mom still has some surprises left in her?”

Ted, I have been a real cheap date. I didn’t know anything, so I just learned everything that you had to tell me. I really appreciate it. I took copious notes.

I’ve gotten lots of good ideas from other attendees for which I thank them very much—the speakers, and Ed Taylor is going to help tweak my Web site which he did look at and said that it had some good things, but he saw that there was certainly room for him to add to it. So I thank you very much.”

Linda Restel
San Leandro, California

“My name is Susan Nickerson. I am from Lawmont, Colorado, and Ted, you don’t know this, but you used to go to work with me every day about five or six years ago and back.

I had a set of your cassette tapes from a seminar that you did. I would listen to them every day. I was practicing as a chiropractor and a physical therapist.

For 45 minutes on the way to my practice, and for 45 minutes on the way back I would listen to these tapes. I knew your voice so well.

When you made us this irresistible offer to come this weekend, I thought, “Well, this is my chance. I can actually see you and hear you live.”

Since those five or six years ago when I first was listening to you, I retired from being a chiropractor and physical therapist, and I became a copywriter and a marketing consultant. It has been for me a wonderful change and definitely more of a passion for me. I liked what I was doing before, but I really love doing this. You are the first person that I had heard speak about direct marketing and copywriting.

I thank you for that, and for the seminar this weekend. I just expected it to be kind of a refresher course because I did feel very familiar with what you had to say. But it has been so much more than that and just reinforced and brought up a lot of new things that I had probably never heard or and forgotten, and just that whole passion that we can all be very successful in this business.

It is just wide open for whatever our dreams allow us to do. Thank you.”

Susan Nickerson
Lawmont, Colorado

“Hi, I am Margaret Henry, I’m from London. What I have learned here today is not to really cap my potential. I look forward to working from some of the things I have learned here.”

Margaret Henry
London, England

“Hello, how are you doing? My name is Bob Queppet from West Grove, Pennsylvania. First of all, I want to thank you Ted, and thank all of the guest speakers: Matt, Ed, and Bob, who were so generous with their time and their experience.

One of the things I took away from here is how powerful words can be, or how powerful a single word can be. Ted, you have taken a lifetime of experience, both good and bad, and you have distilled it down for us, and you have kind of spread it over a three-day period for us.

That is just a tremendous thing for us to save us all of that time and to gain the benefit of all of your experience.

Another thing I was struck by was the parallels of how the right way seems to be backward from what we think we are doing. Like you write the headline first, and then you work on your copy.

Listening to Ed Taylor talk about Web site optimization. He says you do the search engine optimization first and then do your Web site. That is like the opposite of what most people think.

I was really struck by all of that. I just want to thank you, Ted, and it is your birthday, but we are the ones that receive the gift. Thank you.”

Bob Queppet
West Grove, Pennsylvania

“This is Chris Lockwood from Central Florida, and I got a lot of takeaways. It is kind of hard to pick one, but I will pick two that are along the same vein. It’s the negotiating the rights to bestsellers and all of the stuff about the saving a lot of money on the ad space. That gave me some good ideas.”

Chris Lockwood
Winter Haven, Florida

“My name is Greg Forsthoefel.  I am from Indianapolis. I came here, and I think the thing that struck me most was basically about Ted. It was not only his passion for his craft and his boundless energy, but also his obvious humanity and generosity to all of us and to the organization that we are helping to support.

The other thing that struck me was the variety of people that are here, talking to them about my stuff and their stuff. I was very grateful for their various ideas and suggestions towards me, and I hope I was able to contribute to them in some small way.

I think people will hear these comments and someday they will have a chance to come to a Ted Nicholas seminar, and I think all of us here would agree that we would encourage them to do so because after they come, I think that they will find that it was one of the best decisions that they ever made in their life. It certainly was for me. Thank you.”

Greg Forsthoefel
Carmel, Indiana

 “My name is Crystal, and I am from Lake City, Florida, just a couple hours north of here. I have been doing Internet marketing for a few years now, building Web sites with ExcitePro and just learning a lot because I have been doing this full time for three years now.

I haven’t made any money though, and I knew that needed to change. One of my big desires was to come to a seminar, and there was one in Orlando last weekend that I really wanted to go to, but I missed it.

I had read a Twitter last week about Ted Nicholas, and I thought, “Oh, I would love to go hear him!” A couple of years ago, I downloaded a small e-book of his. I just picked it apart. Everything just jumped out at me, and I highlighted – in fact, I’ve got it right here.

I always desired to get more information from Ted, and I thought, “How do I get to that seminar because it is so close?” I thought maybe I could go, so I e-mailed him, and to my surprise, he e-mailed me back pretty quick. He asked me to tell him a little bit about myself, so I did. I guess my words worked because he invited me here.

I said, “Even if you don’t have room, I would be glad to help,” so that is why you’ve seen me help a little bit. It has just been an inspiration, and I can hardly put it into words. I am glad to meet everybody, and here is to a good future.”

Crystal Thomas
Lake City, Florida

Hi, I am Bill Albaugh from Tok, Alaska. I have several of Ted’s products already. I have read several of his books, and I came here with great anticipation to get to see him live. I wasn’t a bit disappointed.

All of the different guest speakers were great. I learned a lot from all of them. I guess I think there was just a ton of information. Some of it was just huge, and the rest of it was bigger.

There was a ton of inspiration as well. Also, the same as many of these people have mentioned, I got to meet a lot of guys and girls and got quite a good bit of input from them as well.

It has been a great trip, and I certainly hope to be back for another Ted Nicholas seminar in the future.

Bill Albaugh
Tok, Alaska

“Hello, my name is David Botsford, and I live near Orlando, Florida. I have heard one of Ted’s CD sets before, and the great thing about Ted is that he is a veteran, and he has done it in the real world.

People who want to set up in some business of their own can either try and reinvent the wheel, or they can learn from somebody who has done it successfully for decades, and that is the great thing that Ted offers to us.

The principles of psychology remain the same no matter what year we are living in, and the great thing about this particular seminar is that people like Ed and Matt and Bob came and told us a lot about the use of these principles on the Internet because certainly to me that is an area that I am not well informed about, just the beginnings of how you can apply this knowledge.

The basic concepts are eternal: what people want, and what they are motivated by. There is nobody who has got more experience in that area than Ted.

Another aspect of this seminar is that it is inspiring. We are living in a time of relentless negative news all of the time, and I think that this seminar and the inspiring knowledge and motivation we’ve got from that has been a very healthy antidote to that.

Thank you very much.”

David Botsford
Davenport, Florida

“I’d like to thank you, Ted, for the emotional fuel that you were able to give all of us this weekend. I think the information that you and the other speakers gave us transcends whatever economy we happen to be in.

I think that this will probably do more to help stimulate things within this country than any type of package that the government may be planning to put together.

In fact, we would welcome you to come back and live in the United States because I think you could probably help get this turned around. Anyway, thank you very much.

Thank you to the other speakers because it was very, very enjoyable.”

Roger Courier
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

 “I’m Richard Stoyack, and I come from Westport, Connecticut. I also live in New York City.

I want to tell you first of all how much I admire everybody in the audience. These people have taken time away from their families, their children, their responsibilities to try to do something different, to tackle something new.

Ninety-five percent of the people on the planet can’t do that; they just do the same thing over and over again and they expect their lives to change. That is why, perhaps, today they’re dependent upon the largess of the government to support them.

This whole society is going to change over the next one or two years because the ways of the last ten years simply aren’t working. It’s very important that everybody feel good about having been here this weekend. The fact that they took time to restructure or change their lives is just remarkable.

The thing I want to say to you, Ted, is that what I find remarkable is you’re the real thing.

You find so few people that are the real thing. I’ve been to many Internet seminars through the years. I started an Internet business in 1998. I work about two hours a day at it, and I don’t have to do anything else.

It has been just extraordinarily profitable. It has thrown off so much money that I know I’m very fortunate; I’m grateful.

But I meet so many people, in terms of the Internet at seminars and other things I have attended where they tell you how you can do it, but they’ve never done it themselves. They’ve never done anything other than the Internet.

I retired from Bear Stearns in 1985 as a partner, and I did well enough that I never had to work again. To come here and to sit with a master in the room, regardless of what that person is a master of, and to watch them give you clues, and Ross Perot used to say the campaign about a carpenter: “Measure twice, cut once,” and I said, “Gee, that is brilliant. I know nothing about carpentry but that is brilliant.”

You measure twice before you cut that wood because once you cut it wrong, you basically have to throw it away.

I’ve got probably 40 or 50 pages of notes, and then what I always do is on the back pages, I always write, “Execute immediately.” I’ve got a whole page of notes there because it’s tough to go through those 50 pages again.

But I know that I’ll go to the execution part and say, “Okay, I’ve got to do this, and I’ve got to do that” because the success in life always comes from execution.

There are tons and thousands of great ideas out there. I hear fantastic ideas all the time from people, but people just don’t get it done. They don’t execute.

You’ve executed. You’ve put together things. Your achievements over a lifetime are just absolutely extraordinary. It’s just so wonderful to be able to spend a few days and a few hours and watch you compress a lifetime experience into a matter of hours and show us all.

You talked about shortcuts, how there are only a few shortcuts, but this really could have been a six-month or a twelve-month course at a university level.

In 2000, my then-future-ex-wife basically fired me; she divorced me. I decided, “You know, I’ve got to do some things differently.” I had been brought up very poor when I was a kid. I went and I had orthodontic work done for the first time in like 50 years.

You know, I’m going to go back and get re-educated.” I live in Westport, and I’m 155 miles from Massachusetts, and what people don’t know is that Harvard has an extension program.

You can go back to Harvard at night and get a Master’s Degree. It’s one of the great kept secrets of the world. I went back, and I went to Harvard and made 140 visits over a two-year period.

It was a 300-mile trip, so I used to come back at one o’clock in the morning, and got a Master’s Degree simply because I wanted to, in creative writing.

As a matter of fact, I probably learned more here this weekend than I did during the 18 months taking all those courses!

The interesting thing, and I laugh about it, but it’s true, is one day, in one of the two giant lecture halls, one on the right and one on the left, and this was night, and on the left it said, ‘Lecture on God.’

On the right, and hundreds of people had come in at this time to go to lectures, and on the right it said ‘God’ on the door, and everybody wanted to go to the lecture.

Do you think they’d walk into the door that said ‘God’ just to find out, ‘What could this be about?’ Again, it’s a difference about hanging out with people who are the real thing and not amateurs.

Most of the world is amateurs. I’m just grateful that I was able to spend three days with a professional’s professional, which is just so unusual to find.

What you do is you are absolutely a master, and I thank you for it.”

Richard Stoyack
Westport Connecticut

“My name is Kiyoki Kobayashi. I live in Osaka, Japan. I came from Osaka during almost a 20-hour trip. I’m an insurance seller for an insurance company named Aflac, in Japan.

From 1993, I haven’t had any off days. My strategy is work harder than others. I don’t have any off days; I work every day, every day, every day. This is my first holiday in 16 years.

Before, in 1993, I was working full-time for art and music. From 1993, I had to start this job. For about two or three years I wanted to change my life.

I don’t know how long I was working these jobs, but every day 20 hours, 18 hours working. So I want my life back. This seminar, for me the balance story was most precious.

I don’t have balance in my life. I am always working and my parents passed away. Even when my parents were in the hospital, I had to work. I am very sad thinking about that.

I never stop my working. The ideal balance changed me. I am very happy. I feel very rich. I will go back to Osaka, and every morning I will scream, “I feel terrific! Yes!”

My English is not that good, but it is a precious lesson. Maybe I understand 80 percent, but the 80 percent I bring back with me I remember every day.

And my new master and all the attendees at this seminar make me happy, and it made me warm. Thank you very much, everyone. Thank you, Ted.”

Kiyoki Kobayashi
Osaka, Japan

“Hi, I’m Jenny Cui from Belgium. I just want to say thank you to Ted and all the guest speakers. I learned a lot this weekend, and I have met lots of very nice, friendly people.

You know what I liked best? It was how to get yourself into the peak emotional state by using simple but powerful affirmations. Thank you very much.”

Jenny Ciu
Brecht, Belgium


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Success or failure in all marketing endeavors greatly varies depending on the individual application and personal efforts applied to our training in our books, home-study courses and CD’s by each individual customer.

Therefore, unless you are highly exceptional as are the customers we quote, it is highly unlikely you will achieve similar results.

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