Ted, Why Do You Keep Doing It?

The Success Margin

Monday, November 5, 2007


I’ve just returned from doing three major seminars. Two in Australia. One in New Zealand.

A question frequently asked of me goes something like this: “Since you don’t need the income, why do you keep dealing with all the travel hassles and hard work, especially with live speaking events?”

Of course anyone who has seen me speak is aware of the intensity and high energy level style my presentations demand. To do it my way, it’s necessary to be mentally and physically in great condition!

(Mind you, I love what I do and consider it a privilege to attract and work with terrific entrepreneurs, executives and beginners as well around the world. To be at the very top level of my profession is living a dream I’ve always had.

But it does take extraordinary effort and discipline to do it all. Plus, keep up with a heavy consulting and copywriting schedule.

In this message I’d like to share a part of what keeps me going that I haven’t previously discussed.

You might wonder, dear reader, why what on earth what I’m about to reveal even belongs in The Success Margin? What does this have to do with success?

As I see it, there are some very compelling reasons.And they have much to do with my own level of success.

First, helping others in the way I do is not just about giving back. This is important. But it is not simply an act of altruism. Instead it may be the highest form of positive selfishness.

(The most misunderstood phrase in the universe is positive selfishness as opposed to negative selfishness which is evil.) But all free enterprise, most of human happiness, and much of what humans accomplish depend on those who are positively selfish.

There is no wasted energy in the universe. I’ve found this to be true. Whatever energy you put forth to your fellow humans always comes back to you in some form. There is no exception to the Law of Reciprocity about which I’ve written previously.

Secondly, the incredible feedback I get on a daily basis from people whose lives I’ve touched is very rewarding for me in a very special way. Many are prominent, world-renowned marketers and entrepreneurs. No matter how successful you ever become or how much money you ever accumulate, this experience simply cannot be duplicated.

Nothing is more rewarding than the heartfelt feedback from those who you admire and respect.

Here are two recent examples of what I’m referring to. The following thoughts are from the minds and hearts of very successful and prominent individuals in the internet world.

“I wrote my first book after responding to a classified ad in 1995 by Ted Nicholas. The headline “You a Millionaire Writer?” I called for a free report. The report was of course a sales letter for a $300 tape set. I scraped together the money – bought the tapes and got to work on my book.

In 2007 I did over 10 million in sales. 2008 will probably be 12 million.

Matt Furey”

“It was such a pleasure meeting and speaking with you in Sydney last week.

As I mentioned, I give you credit for my start in the speaking business.

I met you many years ago at a seminar in Florida. You were the first speaker. I was instantly entranced and intrigued. It was obvious to me that there was something going on there that I had to know about. This was a speaking business I was totally unaware of – and I knew you had the answers.

I asked you several questions about the business. You were very gracious with your answers. I bought as many of your products as I could find.

It’s now over 15 years later. From that initial spark you ignited, I’ve risen to the top of the speaking business and I’m living a life 99% of the people on earth would envy.

You have my heartfelt thanks.

Regards,Paul Hartunian.”

The success lesson you can derive from this? To dramatically accelerate your success, here is the most direct path I know. Step outside yourself as often as possible. Reach out. Touch other lives. Give all you’ve got.

Your reward? It will come back to you many fold. You’ll attain a level of success psychologically and financially which is perhaps beyond what you can now imagine. At least 10 to 100 times of what effort you put forth.

Try it and see. You will boost your success level. I’d love to hear all about your experience

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas