“Ted Nicholas is the most successful direct response marketer in the world. Just one idea he gave me earned over $2,000,000 profit on one mailing!”

Andrew Reynolds, London, England

“I wrote my first book after responding to a classified ad in 1995 by Ted Nicholas. The headline “You a Millionaire Writer?” I called for a free report. The report was of course a sales letter for a $300 tape set. I scraped together the money – bought the tapes and got to work on my book.
In 2007 I did over 7.5 million in sales. 2008 will probably be 12 million.”

Matt Furey Zen Master of Exercise, Health, and Fitness

“I am a stupid person. Stupid because I didn’t attend a Ted Nicholas seminar decades ago, when I first started in direct marketing. If I had, I would be much richer and accomplished than I am today. Ted, you are one of the most generous, giving guys in our business. I am proud to know and admire you.”

Bob Bly, Best-Selling Author