The Easy Path to Increased Creativity


Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Clearly, you are attracted to the concept of seemingly small things that make huge differences on your success path. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t have subscribed to The Success Margin.

Well, I’ve got a powerful tip for you today that will increase your success.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could raise your creative ability by 27%. And all you’d need to do is play some beautiful music while you

Seem impossible? If you are a bit skeptical, I don’t blame you.

But hang on.

I’ll prove it to you. You can be more creative than you ever thought possible.

The best proof I can give you is to relate a recent experience.

Here’s what happened.

In May I conducted the Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp in San Antonio, Texas.

Attendees included several highly experienced and successful entrepreneurs and copywriters. However, many participants had never before written a single word of advertising copy in their entire lives.

Yet, before the bootcamp was over, every single attendee, including the newbies, were writing powerful copy at a professional level. Indeed, it was probably some of the best copy I’ve ever seen.

During the bootcamp I presented exactly step by step how I go about writing copy. To date, my approach has produced over 4 Billion Dollars in sales.

I also created several copywriting exercises specifically for the bootcamp.

One little known key I’ve never seen taught is how to actually prepare yourself mentally and physically to write successful copy that attracts sales like a magnet.

I described how I play the music of Mozart in the background while I write.


The effect of Mozart’s music has been intensely studied. It’s been established that creativity in nearly everyone is enhanced by a huge percentage.

But, it must be Mozart. Surprisingly, no other classical composer’s work produces anything close to the “Mozart Effect.” Not Bach, or Beethoven, or Strauss. No one else’s music causes an increase in creativity.

What happened next was spontaneous. Frankly, I did not bring any Mozart music with me. I didn’t plan to actually play music at the bootcamp. My plan was to simply suggest doing so when the attendees returned to their home or office. But our photographer, Ralph Zuranski, did. He happens to be a big Mozart buff.

decided at the spur of the moment to play the Mozart music before the second of three copy-writing exercises. (The exercises were copywriting assignments for three different products.)

The total result was absolutely staggering! I have never seen anything like it. The difference in quality between the two exercises was stunning.

I had originally planned to ask participants to vote for the champion copywriter at each table. But that was impossible.

When the participants began to read their copy out loud, every single one was so incredibly good you couldn’t really pick one. Each was a true champion.

I’ve done hundreds of seminars since 1991. I’ve had nearly all of the world’s best known marketers and copywriters in the world attend my events. Many times people have written copy and read it out loud.

But never before have I seen 100% of the participants create really terrific copy.

To what can I attribute this performance?

If I had to put percentages as the reason, I would guess 25% was the particular makeup of the participants. They were outstanding people. 25% was probably the unique format and exercises I created for this particular seminar.

But 50% of the result was probably due to the Mozart effect!

(If you, dear reader, really want to create better wealth-producing copy, you really must get the tapes to the Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp when ready in about 30 days. You’ll experience the miracle live as it happened!)

Now the above may sound like a commercial. Well,you can interpret it that way if you wish. But, you really will be astonished and discover a new world from what you see and hear. That I promise you.

In the meantime, I suggest you acquire the music of Mozart.

I’m looking forward to hearing how Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart helps you write better copy.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

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P.P.P.S. My favorite piece of music in the world is Mozart’s 21st piano concerto. Let me know if you like it.