The Perfect Space Ad

The Success Margin

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


After The Success Margin article “11 Secrets of a Successful Ad,” there was an overwhelming number of requests to see an actual successful ad. You can view an example of an ad that incorporates those principles by clicking on the link below.

For your reference, here is a summary of the 11 secrets of a successful space ad I covered in detail in the last issue of The Success Margin.

#1 Create a powerful headline.

#2 Put your headline in quotation marks.

#3 Use a drop first letter.

#4 Begin the copy with a powerful opening sentence.

#5 Talk about your prospect in the copy, not you or your company, 99% of the time.

#6 Use easy-to-read typefaces.

#7 Set your copy in three columns.

#8 Break up the body copy with powerful sub- headlines.

#9 Use photographs or illustrations advantageously.

#10 Use a coupon with a thin dotted line around the copy.

#11 Add copyright information to your ad.

To view the sample ad, click on the following link:


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