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There is a very good reason why they call Ted Nicholas the “Millionaire Maker.”

Ted is responsible for helping more people become millionaires than perhaps anyone alive today. Many of these new millionaires consider themselves very ordinary people. (You are invited to check Ted’s website, where numerous real-life examples of people attest to Ted’s impact on their life:

In case you are not familiar with Ted’s work

Here are a few salient facts:

  • Began his first business at age 21. Had $800 in savings and $96,000 in debts
  • Founded and sold 23 successful companies. Is known as the “Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur”
  • Started his first direct marketing business with a $90 classified ad
  • Has sold over $400,000,000 worth of his own products and services
  • Earned over $1,000,000 in royalties for writing a single 1,000-word ad
  • Earned over $1,000,000 from a single speech

As a copywriter and speaker, Ted may be the highest paid communicator per word in the world.

Ted has decided to reveal all his secrets for the very first time.

We proudly announce the publication of Ted’s new book, “HOW TO TURN WORDS INTO MONEY.”

Whether you are or aspire to be an entrepreneur, executive, salesman, public speaker, author or copywriter, this book will literally change your life.

You don’t have to take anyone’s word for how powerful the book actually is. You take no risk whatsoever. You may read it and apply it for 60 days. Experience how it works for you before you decide to keep it.

Here is a small sample of what you will get from the book:

  • Discover the easiest way to sell anything to anybody
  • How to write a “killer” headline in 17 words or less that can make you a millionaire
  • How to get more people to say “yes” in your life this includes friends, clients and bosses
  • How to never again experience the pain of rejection
  • How to build the number one skill you need for success in any business endeavor
  • The secrets of “word leverage”. Imagine being able to earn $1,000 and more for every single word you speak or write!
  • Discover the least understood communication skill and earn millions as a result
  • How to utilize today’s most effective marketing techniques
  • How to generate money-making ideas that skyrocket your wealth
  • Why the size of your IQ matters little compared with this easily acquired skill
  • 41 action tips that will immediately help you trigger breakthrough ideas
  • How to overcome the 17 commonly accepted myths which may be blocking your path to real success
  • Discover Ted’s “Ice Cream Cone Theory” that will revolutionize your financial life
  • The most important question you need to answer in business that you never learned about in school
  • How to create a wining Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.) for your business. You simply cannot succeed big without it
  • The best way to find “Super Star” employees
  • How to dramatically increase your energy without changing your diet
  • 10 little known Million-Dollar sales secrets you can use in any business
  • Nine secrets of preparing profitable space advertising
  • 33 secrets of successful sales letters
  • How to create effective “teaser” copy for the outside of your envelope which can double response from your sales letters
  • 38 ways to use FREE the most powerful word in any language
  • Today’s most effective low-cost way to launch a hot new product
  • How to prepare a “killer” sales letter that will work anywhere in the world (Proven techniques that transcend language barriers!)
  • How to profit big time from public speaking, especially if you presently shudder with fear 19 action tips
  • Secrets of preparing a book that sells and you don’t even have to write it yourself
  • How to choose a profitable book topic
  • How to come up with a title that practically assures you’ll have a best seller
  • Secrets of T.V. commercials and Infomercials that can earn you millions
  • How to prepare profitable Yellow Page advertising, a key to the success of many small businesses
  • How to get rich both acquiring licenses for products and licensing your products around the world
  • Why it’s crucially important for any wealthy person to keep the all-important subject of money in proper perspective otherwise it will do more harm than good.

Model success and watch your income explode!

Ted’s amazing book contains numerous examples of successful advertising copy. Simply model those you like best they’ll multiply your chance of success manifold. Plus you will have all the “rules” and secrets at your fingertips.

Ted can help you build your success fast.

But, please don’t take our word for it. Here’s what others have to say.

“Ted’s strategies earned me over $1,000,000 last year!”
– Mike Enlow, Masters of Marketing, Magnolia, Mississippi

“Within the first 30 days after getting your secrets, I earned $30,000 .”
– Francois Blot, Paris, France

Secrets I hope my competitors never see.  If I could, I would ban this book immediately! 
– Peter Habday, copywriter, London

” …one of the greatest books on communications ever published.  Absolutely must-reading for every person who wants more success, more money, more love, and more freedom.”
– Insiders Money-Making Report

“A few years back I attended a seminar by Ted Nicholas.  Ideas from that seminar helped me write some copy that has reactivated a product I thought was dead–it now makes $75,000 a year clear profit! Also, your book helped me earn $20,000 in the last 60 days. My son has also received 4 job offers in the last 3 weeks using ideas on page 15.””
– Mike Chantry, Successful entrepreneur and publisher, Kent, U.K.

“Your ideas will be worth a minimum of $50,000 to me!  I’m leaving inspired, rejuvenated, educated, and I thank you.”
– James A. Fleck, Chicago, Illinois

“Your seminar information has made me several hundred thousand dollars in the last two years.”
– Jerry Minchey, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

“In 5 years, I went from a kitchen-table operation selling tapes to having sales in excess of $1 million a month each month.  We should finish this year between $15 and $20 million in sales.  Last year, we made the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing U.S. corporations.  Thanks for your part in educating me to be able to accomplish this.”
– John Cummuta, Boscobel, Wisconsin

“…I was reminded of over 200 amazing marketing ideas, tips and hints, and then given a hard kick up the backside.  I estimate the value of those four days to be worth in excess of $750,000 to me!”
– Stuart Goldsmith, Best-selling author, Berkshire, U.K. 

“Your seminar reveals the most valuable information for writers and entrepreneurs in the world today!  Top secret­worth millions of dollars in the right hands.”
– Blade Thomas, Malibu, California

“Your marketing information is worth more than 10 times its cost.  In 30 days your techniques earned me $15,000.00.”
– Francois Blot, Chantilly, France

“Most valuable seminar I ever attended.  There’s probably no human alive who knows more about how to make magazine advertising pay off.  For the record, Ted Nicholas has my absolute highest recommendation!”
– Gary Halbert, Key West, Florida

“Ted Nicholas has made fortunes for himself and others with his direct marketing knowledge.  Treat any advice you get from this man as nuggets of the purest direct marketing gold, for that’s what he’s giving you.”
– Gary Bencivenga, Garden City, New York

“Have attended many seminars, including those at the University gaining my Economics degree.  None has taught me as much as I have learned from you.  It’s simply the best­the experience of a lifetime.”
– C. Neophytou, London, UK

“You really put your money where your mouth is. With your sincere interest in really helping your seminar attendees.”
– Norman Rentrop, Bonn, West Germany

“What a fantastic seminar!  What price could one put on more than 20 years of direct marketing experience crammed into 3 days?  Incredible value!  In fact, invaluable!  Why would anyone want to spend the 20+ years and millions of dollars you had to invest to learn what you’ve learned?” 
– Donald Mikrut, Tempe, Arizona

“Ted Nicholas is a masterful presenter.  This seminar was packed with money-making ideas and principles­not just theories­because Ted has proven everything he teaches with his own money, in the real world!  Anyone interested in marketing would be foolish not to attend.”
– Scott Scioli, Riverside, New Jersey

“The seminar was exciting and full of information­all of which is useful.  Ted gives more than value.  He delivers quality and astonishes with excellence!”
– Dr. Garry Bundy, Bay City, Michigan

“I got information that I’ve never heard before and will be necessary for me or anyone to be successful.  Not only an incredible learning experience, but a wonderful 3 days of idea exchanging, planning and brainstorming.  I would have paid more than your fee­ – a lot more.”
– Don Jacobs, Worthing, South Dakota

“I’ve been in direct marketing for ten years and have attended many seminars.  I’ve never heard so many exciting marketing ideas packed into such a short course.”
– Deeba Jahr, Baltimore, Maryland

“I’ve attended many of your seminars and I learn something new every time.  You are one of few seminar presenters who has actually done everything you teach.  I  recommend your seminars, books and tapes to any entrepreneur.”
– Jeff Groves, Phoenix, Arizona

“You have made me rethink my whole B.S. in Business Administration and my background in marketing.  You make so much sense to me.  Bravo!  This 3-day seminar has given a lifetime’s worth of information.”
– Susan Gardner, Columbus Ohio

“Excellent seminar!  Inspired me to go forward with two ideas that I’ve been wanting to market.  I think there will be some big financial changes in my life in the next year.
– Debra Wakitsch, Cary, Illinois

“Ted Nicholas’s seminar is a great enlightenment to those who aspire to be successful.  To those who have gone through this enlightenment, the world will not be the same.”
– Dr. Xiaopo H. Batmanghelidj, Falls Church, Virginia

“This seminar has helped me greatly in understanding more about my self- worth and also giving me far more chance of making it and being a true contributor to this world.  What a gift!”
– Katherine M. Kendall, Costa Mesa, Callifornia

“Price of seminar is ‘free’ in comparison to its true value…I’ve been to numerous seminars that say ‘you can do it’­Ted’s tells me what ‘it’ is.”
– Lamont D. Raynor, Rochester, New York

Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

Review Ted Nicholas’s book “HOW TO TURN WORDS INTO MONEY” for 60 days at our risk, not yours. If for any reason you are not delighted with the book, simply return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

You truly have everything to gain and nothing to lose by ordering “HOW TO TURN WORDS INTO MONEY” by Ted Nicholas right now!

“Ted Nicholas is a direct marketing genius. If you can’t make lots more money with his stuff, you must be brain dead!”
– Randy Gage, Miami, Florida