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“Impossible is Nothing … and Nothing is Impossible!”

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Two Info-Marketing Legends Came out of Retirement to Teach Unrivaled, Previously Unrevealed and Unparalleled Secrets of Success in Copywriting and Information Publishing
In what turned out to be the last time ever with Ted’s passing, Ted Nicholas and Matt Furey share their greatest wallet-fattening, creative writing, copywriting, goal-achieving and info-marketing secrets with you – secrets you can use on or off the Internet to begin making an annual, renewable fortune – year-in and year-out!
Introducing …
The Unrevealed Wealth Secrets Un-Retirement Celebration Seminar

Meet Ted and Matt as they Un-Retire … and help YOU WIN the Game of Life by becoming a Super-Human Marketer and Copywriter

Dear Friend,

Matt Furey here.

It has been an unbelievable past few years! The Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year curse and finally won the World Series just a few short years ago!

The United Kingdom approves Brexit when nearly everyone said it would fail.

And the biggest shocker of all, Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States, when almost all the experts, pundits and prognosticators gave him zero chance of doing so.

This, my friend, means that virtually anything is possible and impossible is nothing – provided you’re willing to THINK BIG, IMAGINE DIFFERENT and DO WHAT OTHER PEOPLE REFUSE TO DO.

There’s Magic In Thinking BIG

Years ago I heard a powerful saying that motivated me in a big way – and I still carry these words around with me today. They are as follows:

“Believe the impossible and you can do the incredible.”

These words helped me launch a successful career as a writer and information-publisher, wherein I amassed a fortune beyond what I thought of as “incredible.”

When I finally figured out the secrets to success in the information-publishing industry, each and every day I got out of bed thinking about what I could create for those who wanted to know what I knew.

This process led to a grand fortune – as well as semi-retirement, wherein much of my life is devoted to world travel, fitness, martial arts, the study of brain science – as well as watching my children grow and develop.

Mistakes Lead to Success

In order for you to see the whole picture, let me make it clear that I didn’t just land on a pot of gold once I started in this business.

I unknowingly and inadvertently made a number of mistakes (mostly by omission) early on – and these errors held back an avalanche of prosperity. These mistakes made the process longer than it would have been if I knew then what I definitely know NOW.

The good news is that these mistakes were and are easily corrected. Once I shifted gears, prosperity and abundance quickly followed – and that’s what I’m wanting and expecting to see happen in your life as well.


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I am of the opinion that by telling you about my mistakes and setbacks – as well as my successes, I may dramatically and exponentially increase the odds of you succeeding in a big way. As you know, I cannot guarantee your success as that would be against the law. But I can tell you this: If you follow the procedures that I learned from Ted Nicholas as well as those I figured out through the School of Hard Knocks, you’re putting yourself on the side of “flow” – the side where good things are much more likely to happen.

My First Book


You may not know this but my first book was The Martial Art of Wrestling.

It didn’t do extraordinarily well – at first – or ever. So I created another product called How to Flatten Your Stomach at Any Age.

Shortly thereafter I wrote How to Achieve What You Want Without Positive Thinking.

All of the above were, as far as I was concerned, great products. But the marketplace was not gobbling them up – so I kept at it, believing that if I were willing to persist and persevere, eventually I would discover “the winning formula.”

Too Smart For My Own Good

I’m fairly certain you’ve heard the statement, “He’s too smart for his own good.”

Well, in my early years as a writer and marketer of information products, this saying definitely applied to me.

Despite having purchased Ted Nicholas’ courses and hearing him unequivocally tell me precisely what I needed to do to succeed in this business, I literally blocked out essential portions of his teachings.

I told myself, silently, “I don’t need to do THAT.  That’s for people who don’t know how to write or advertise yet. I already know these things, so I can skip some of these suggestions and take a shorter route to what I want.”

As a result, I floundered and couldn’t figure out why.

Yes, I made money, but it wasn’t anything so dramatic that I could go buy a new car or home or boat and pay cash. It wasn’t anything to “write home about.”

Then, after I got fed up with so-so results, I did something unusual.

I Got Smarter & Stopped Working Harder

I went back to school, re-listening to Ted’s awesome & inspirational audiotape series, “How To Be a Successful Writer & Self-Publisher” which is the original tape series that inspired me to become a millionaire writer, and re-reading his books.

Upon going through Ted’s materials another time, I realized I wasn’t following all of his suggestions. At that point, ascertaining that I had nothing to lose, I did what Ted suggested, even though it seemed “corny” or unnecessary.

And the results were so incredible over the next eight years, with one home run after another, that I semi-retired for eight years.

Undoubtedly, if I wanted, I could continue on in this semi-retired state, but a recent lunch I had with Ted Nicholas, led me to change my mind.

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The Lunch That Re-Launched Me

Whenever Ted Nicholas was in Tampa, Florida, he contacted me and I meet him and his wife, Bethany, for lunch. We had been doing this for the past several years, but on this particular day our lunch was different.

After my mother passed away from Alzheimer’s almost three years ago, I’d been spending a great deal of my time studying the latest in brain science.

In my studies I found deep connections with many of the “master keys” Ted taught me so many years ago, that I ignored, to my chagrin, until finally “wising up.” And now, in a semi-retired state, I was assiduously working on my brain – and my writing, each and every day, yet publishing almost none of it.

So when Ted, Bethany and I had our annual rendezvous, I had a list of questions to go over with Ted, mostly to uncover any other unrevealed details about his approach to writing best-selling books as well as ads that generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

The Lost Art of Writing

Now, I think you’d be surprised with the level of scrutiny and detail I had in my list of questions for Ted. You might even wonder, “If you’ve already done so well and are semi-retired, why do you even care about these details at all?”

Well, part of the reason for my interest, once again, was the fate of my mother and what I witnessed her going through. It’s a tough reality to endure when your mother no longer remembers who you are – and yet, she gave birth to you, clothed you and fed you and watched you grow over many decades.

Believe me, you don’t want to wish any sort of brain deteriorating disease on anyone – even your worst enemy.

Another reason for all my questions for Ted was the observation of this same misfortune happening to men and women all over the globe – and in my opinion, it may be preventable or, at the very least, significantly delayed by knowing what Ted and I spoke about.

As Ted said to me, “If this knowledge we’re talking about can stave off one year, or even one day, of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or dementia, it’s worth it.”

The Untold Secret for Ramping Up the Copywriter’s and/or Writer’s Brain Waves

The master keys and concepts Ted taught me so many years ago, unbeknownst to him at the time, are now scientifically proven to alter brain waves so dramatically that you cannot help but become a better writer, speaker or copywriter.

Moreover, research is showing that these principles lead to a healthier, happier and much more positive life.

Now get this: Back in the 1990’s, when Ted first taught these ideas, they didn’t seem as though they were that big of a deal to many people, myself included.

Yet today, due to technological advances, virtually NO ONE is taking advantage of the secrets Ted revealed in his original courses. You may think I’m talking specifically about writers or copywriters, and I am – but I’m also talking about “US” as a society.

Let me give you a clue:

As a society we are using our hands less and less – and our hands and how we use them are closely tied to how well our brains function. Additionally, how we use our hands is also closely tied to how we age, to our short-term memory as well as how much growth hormone and testosterone our body is producing.

 If the above didn’t get your attention, this will:

Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s disease are striking people all over the world at unprecedented rates and ages.

There Are Now Teenagers In South Korea Who Have Alzheimer’s

There are many reasons we can cite for these epidemics. Yet, regardless of the reasons, I believe Ted’s copywriting methods and procedures do far more than help you write award-winning, stellar, wallet-fattening copy. I believe they also give you something called Brain Longevity.

And this explains to me WHY I wasn’t getting the results I wanted during the earliest days of my info-publishing career.

Yet, as soon as I shifted gears and began to truly follow ALL of Ted’s suggestions, I had the equivalent of the golden or “Midas touch.”

Everything I created felt as though it was a homerun – a GRAND SLAM.

Everything I created made money.

Everything I wrote or recorded put points on the board.

And I’m betting you’d love to be in similar shoes in your business. That, my friend, is why Ted and I are having this unprecedented seminar. We want to see YOU hitting one homerun after another, just as both of us have done.

How This Seminar Was Born

When I gave Ted the details about my results from following the details I previously ignored, as well as the latest discoveries in brain science that he unknowingly taught so long ago, he was so enthusiastic I thought he was going to burst out of his skin.

“Matt, this finally explains to me why some people I taught previously got what I was teaching and others didn’t even though they appeared to be trying. This is the missing link. We need to do a book together on this,” he exclaimed.

“I agree,” I replied. “At the same time, I think this is so big we need to do a seminar on it.”

“Well, I stopped doing seminars a few years ago,” Ted mentioned. “Let me think on it and get back to you.”

A couple days later Ted contacted me to say “I can’t get this idea out of my mind. This is so powerful I now agree with you. Let’s do a seminar on this and let’s do it as soon as possible. People are starving for this type of information and they want it NOW.”

The Fastest Short-Cut to Success

So there you have it, the back-story on why Ted Nicholas and I are making this seminar available to you in instantly downloadable all-digital format – The Undiscovered, Unrevealed and Unparalleled Secrets Seminar.

Ted and I want to see you take the fastest short-cut to copywriting and info-marketing success – and we promise to give it to you with such clarity and detail, you’re going to feel a sense of revitalization, renewal and self-regeneration.

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How I Went From “Rags to Riches”

 It seems so long ago, so far into the distant past. But the reality of the situation is verifiable and true. When I got started on the Internet people thought I was a fool.

Even those who were closest to me made fun of me. But when they finally saw that there was light at the end of the tunnel, they supported me even when times were tough. They went from being totally against what I was attempting to do to being fully supportive.

It makes me laugh when I tell how my wife used to say to me in somewhat broken English, “You’re always playing Internet, playing Internet, playing Internet.”

Yet, bull-headed as I was, I continued onward. I just knew there was an opportunity and I wanted to strike while there was iron in the fire.

Well, let me tell you, the iron is much hotter today, for you, than it was when I got started.

Here’s The Proof:

When I came out with Combat Conditioning in February of 2000, it was the only book you could find on bodyweight calisthenics.

And I took a heap of criticism from the “experts” (I call them schmexperts – which stands for a combination of a schmuck and an expert) who scoffed, ridiculed and mocked me while telling all who would listen that my product would never sell.

They Were Wrong…

My book made me millions of dollars.

The best part, though, is that thousands of others have followed in my footsteps since I pioneered the way.

Today, you can find hundreds of best-selling books on bodyweight exercises. These authors followed my lead and have been blessed for doing so.

They have also followed my email strategies – and so have thousands of others, in virtually every industry.

Now it’s your turn to come learn from me and from Ted, either for the first time, or once again.

Let me show you how I’m re-launching my business today, and why I’m doing it the way I’ll be showing you to do it.

Let me show you my newest approach, my newest methods, my latest ways to get more done in less time with less stress than ever before.

Let me show you how I’ve grown younger via the power of the pen – and how my brain is actually much sharper, clearer and quicker than it has ever been at any time in my entire life.

That’s quite a statement, don’t you think?

Well, I’ll be ecstatic when I’m proving it to you and you’re standing or sitting there with your jaw on the floor, wondering to yourself…

“How The Hell Did He Do That?”

Ted Nicholas, who was my co-speaker at this seminar, had a similar “rags to riches” story to tell. He went into business with less than $100 in his pocket and a boatload of debt.

Yet, by applying fundamentally sound principles he created a veritable fortune. Before his passing Ted and his wife, Bethany, traveled the globe together, enjoying the fruits from many years of productive labor.

And that’s precisely why I’m so excited about this seminar. Pulling Ted out of retirement was no easy task. There had to be a BIG REASON.

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It wasn’t just to teach you how to write and self-publish a book that earns you millions of dollars.

Ted has already taught that and has done so better than anyone else on the planet.

It wasn’t just to teach you how to write copy that sells your product with ease.

Ted has already taught that, too, and continues to do so.

The BIG REASON for having this seminar, the reason above and beyond everything Ted’s ever taught before, is how to put the missing puzzle pieces together so that you are in a much better position to accomplish two objectives simultaneously:

  1. You build an extraordinarily lucrative business for yourself.
  2. You increase the longevity of your brain and your life while building your business.

As you know, you cannot guarantee a person’s longevity or how long his or her brain will last – but Ted was so excited when he saw the research I showed him that we didn’t just meet for one or two lunches when he was in Tampa last Spring.

We met a total of seven times. That in itself tells you how powerful this information truly is because Ted is still one of the busiest men you will ever find – even in his retirement. He’s constantly on the go, staying active, being creatively alive.

Is There Audio or Video of Our Meetings?

I’m extremely confident that you would gladly pay a fortune to have video or audio recordings of what the two of us shared during our lunches. Yet, there isn’t any. My apologies.

Even so, we’re going to do much better than cover the material we spoke about over lunch.

We’re going to give you the BIGGEST delivery of useable, practical, real-world information you’ve ever gotten at a marketing or copywriting seminar.

Yes, the reasons for Ted coming out of retirement are HUGE.

Ted realized he unknowingly held a series of “Undiscovered (or Unrevealed) Secrets to Success” in his hand, and he wants to make sure that at this seminar, even the things he thought were obvious, are spelled out so clearly and so emphatically that you’d have to be in a coma to not hear them, understand them or begin implementing them.

We Want You to Win!

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The mark of a true winner is that he wants others to win, too.”

This is exactly how Ted and I feel about YOU.

We want YOU to WIN!

And we want you to win NOW.


Because your number is up. You’re being called. It’s YOUR TIME NOW!

Just as the Chicago Cubs were finally due to win the World Series after 108 years – you are also due!

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That’s why we’re not only going to help you write stellar, winning copy – we’re also going to cover how to strategically choose, develop and market “superstar” products.

We’re going to teach you the mindset and the habits and the regimens that winners follow in this business, so that you can emulate and model them as well.

We want you to be the successful marketer and entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of being.

We want you to enjoy the abundance and prosperity that is your birthright.


The Decisions That Lead To You Becoming A Millionaire Marketer


One of the other major topics to be covered at this seminar is the art of making profitable and wise decisions over and over again.

I’m betting you never heard this before, but…


The People Who Become Self-Made Millionaires Are Exceptional At Making Winning Decisions


It’s almost as if they’re highly intuitive and the rest of the population, although having the technical skills, lacks the skill to make great decisions.

How did they know what book to write, what title to use and what website to launch?

How did they know what headlines to use and what elements would work?

Well, most marketers will answer the questions shown above by saying “test it.”

True, you can test – and it’s a good idea to test.

But what if you smacked the ball out of the park from the get-go – because you had an intuitive “knowing” about what would work?

And work it does?

Now, what if there were a way to “tap into” all the possibilities and opportunities before you – and make wise choices, from the beginning, and these choices immediately led you toward the prosperity and abundance you desire and deserve?

I can tell you this: I’ve never been to a business seminar that teaches this highly valuable skill, but it’s dearly needed.

After thinking about this incredibly valuable skill, I came to the realization that many people who attend seminars have all the knowledge and tools they need to get the job done. Now, coupled with the power of intuition, all their fear, worry and self-doubt will be removed to they can get on the fast track to abundance.

As the saying goes…


What If It Were Impossible For You To Fail?


What if you believed and acted as if you could not fail because you own the ability to tap into your “gut feelings” and sixth sense on a regular, systematic basis?

What if you knew these senses and feelings will be correct the GRAND MAJORITY of the time?

What if you became the person who gets incredible ideas in his sleep? Or in the shower? Or while out for a walk?

What if you could eliminate at least 80% of the worrying you might have about a business decision because you learned to “feel the pulse” of a good or bad decision?

What if it almost felt as though you had an invisible guide or guardian angel helping you make the best choices so that you come out ahead of the game, over and over again?

All I can say is, if I were YOU, I’d be sprinting to the order button to get the recordings of this seminar because having this skill can help you quickly eliminate much of the time, stress and unnecessary mistakes most people are prone to making precisely because they have no idea how to “use their gut” to make a great decision.


Imagine Having the Golden Touch


Imagine being the person whom others are saying: “Everything he touches turns to gold.”

I believe you can be this type of superior decision maker, and it starts with making a YES decision NOW.

To make it easier for you, take a look at the other items that Ted and I have in store for you (this is the short list):

Here’s What You Will Learn from this Seminar:


    • The startling Brain Research that confirms two Ultimate Secrets to Becoming a Superb Copywriter in the Quickest Time Humanly Possible!
    •  How to put yourself into the most positively powerful mental state before writing, causing everything you write to FLOW with absolute ease!
    •  Fast and Simple Ways to dramatically increase your creativity and ingenuity, allowing you to come up with six or seven figure ideas on a regular systematic basis!
    •  How to make superb decisions and know they are correct, before you take action, over and over again. Ask yourself: Do you think it’s possible to become a millionaire or successful human being if you’re unable to make good decisions on a consistent basis? Believe me, this is one of the hidden treasures to be revealed in this seminar that NO ONE ELSE is TEACHING!
    • How to find the Acres of Diamonds in your own backyard!
    • How to give up the procrastination lifestyle and ride the Take Action Train for the rest of your life!
    •  How to over-ride your previous academic performances, your previous ventures and your genetics to become successful in business!
    • How to rid yourself of any and all negativity about yourself – or block that which is directed at you by others!
    • How to write a book and sell so many copies you can retire (or semi-retire) early and travel the world.
    • Magic Words that attract customers to you with uncontrollable ease.
    • How to turn your brain into an idea-generating, money-magnetizing machine!
    • Theater of the Mind techniques that help you rapidly reach your goals!
    • Ways to rapidly “find your voice” when putting words on paper so you never, ever suffer from “writer’s block.”
    • The most powerful email writing and marketing secrets to ever be revealed, including, what to do BEFORE you write so that electricity pours from your fingertips and readers find your words irresistible.
    • Brain longevity secrets that EVERY entrepreneur and writer MUST know if he or she is going to avoid the Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia plague. By the way, saying or thinking “it’ll never happen to me” is a very bad strategy.

Unrevealed Wealth Secrets Seminar is hosted by

Ted Nicholas

* Sold over 5 million copies of his self-published books 

* First person to start giving seminars on the art of self-publishing and copywriting (over 35 years ago)

*  Also known as the $7 Billion Man for helping companies throughout the world earn fortunes

* Travels the world annually, living the dream!

Matt Furey

  • Pioneer in the field of bodyweight fitness with the international best-seller, Combat Conditioning.

  • Revised and Updated the 35 million copy best-seller, Psycho-Cybernetics

  • Author of two best-selling Nightingale-Conant audio books, Theater of the Mind and 101 Ways to Magnetize Money… in Any Economy

  • Sold tens of millions of dollars worth of his self-published books, DVDs and CDs before semi-retiring

  • Affectionately known as Zen Master of the Internet and the World’s Best Email Copywriter


The original fee to attend this seminar would have run you a few thousand dollars, and that’s not even counting travel and hotel expenses. And that would have been to learn about one-third of what Ted and I had planned when we put on this event.

But because this was a coming out of retirement seminar for both Ted and I, we really want to make the recordings of this event somewhat of a celebration for you as well.

We set the entrance fee at $1.995.00 when we put on this event.

But you’re not going to pay that amount.

You’re not even going to pay $995.00.

You can get the complete video series of this event, every last nugget of information, delivered instantly to your inbox, for just $547.00!

But for a limited-time only, I am taking it a step further and SLASHING THE PRICE IN HALF!

The choice is yours.

Will you make a wise decision NOW and get this life-changing, wallet-fattening seminar for the fee shown above?

I’m betting on YOU.

Make your decision NOW and change your life for the BETTER.




Matt Furey

P.S. We’re confident you’re going to be blown away with all the incredibly valuable information you’re going to learn from these recordings. Ted and I look forward to helping you in every way that we know how!


This limited-time offer includes three bonus books valued at over $175!

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