Wanted–Employees Seeking Lifetime Job Security


Tuesday, May 4, 2004


These days, employees at all levels feel insecure in their jobs.

A big reason is this. Instead of working together, there is a war going on between management and labor. They do not trust each other. And for good reason.

The typical employee does just enough work not to get fired. And no more.

The typical employer is not open and honest with his staff. The employee is not well-informed. Plus, the employer pays the employee just enough so he/she won’t quit. Such behavior can only breed insecurity.

Ironically, even though many businesses are laying off thousands, they still desperately want and can’t do without certain special employees. Especially in these uncertain times. That’s why lifetime security is always there for the right person.

The solutions are all in the approach of the job seeker.

Every single rational and competent employer in the world is looking for employees with certain characteristics.

Display the qualities of a true superstar and you will be rewarded with high pay, great benefits, as well as lifetime security.

Additionally, the old techniques of finding a job are not working for millions who are unemployed. You simply cannot send a boring resume and cover letter and have any chance at all of finding any kind of job, let alone a good position. More on this later.

What are those special traits for which every employer yearns?

First, a superstar employee must learn to think like an entrepreneur.

Here are six steps you can take that can guarantee your future. You’ll find every thinking employer will recognize your value and will never want to lose you.

  1. Take specific actions on behalf of your employer which either bring in revenues or cut costs far beyond the cost of your salary and benefit package.

    No employer wants nor can afford to have an employee on board for long that costs money. When you are not a cost, but a profit generatorfor the business, you will always have a job.

  2. Become a self-starter. Instead of waiting for your boss to tell you what to do, take the initiative. Ask questions. Find out exactly what has to be done. And then simply do it.
    Supervising you will be a joy.
  3. Take responsibility for your actions. And decisions. Most people in the world have a “victim mentality.” Don’t blame others for your errors. Mistakes are human. And you’ll, of course, make them. But own up to them and you’ll instantly be recognized as a member of a rare breed.
  4. Don’t avoid unpleasant tasks. Volunteer to do difficult tasks that need to be done in every company. The world is full of buck passers. Don’t be one yourself. Do what you know in your heart has to be done with diligence and without complaint.
  5. Take the initiative. Offer solutions and alternatives to pressing company problems. When you see something is going wrong, don’t avoid it. Look for ways to address and correct the problem. Offer suggestions and a willingness to help with appropriate actions.
  6. Invest in yourself continuously. Read one to two hours per day. You can become an expert on any topic in three years or less.

Purchase useful books and tapes which build skills. And attend at least three to six seminars per year. Limit TV to no more than an hour a day. Increasing your knowledge is by far the best investment you can make.

These foregoing steps prove you are a person who goes the extra mile. You will be joining the rarified air of employee superstars. Contrary to common thought, there is a huge number of such jobs available for you. As always, there is plenty of room at the top.

Take the above actions and I guarantee you this. Instead of getting fired, every decent manager in the world will clamor for your services. Indeed, they will fall all over themselves begging you to work for them.

Note: If an employer is not worthy of your very best efforts, I urge you to line up another job and leave as soon as possible.

If there is any doubt in your mind about the above approach, discuss it with any decent employer. I’d bet serious money that they will be delighted with any employee who performs as described.

If you are job hunting, in the next issue I’ll provide more tips which will almost certainly get you a great job in record time.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

Nicholas Direct, Inc.P.O. Box 877 Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

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“God is in the details.”