What Learning How to Write Successful Sales Copy Can Do For You

The Success Margin

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Will it pay you to invest your time learning to write copy?

Here are 13 reasons to consider before you decide.

1. Earn unlimited and active and passive income from fees and royalties.

With powerful copy, you can earn unlimited active income from the sale of your products as an entrepreneur. The more you sell, of course, the more potential income for you.

If you are a copywriter and operate as do thousands of my mentees, you can charge an upfront fee (plus royalty). Typically the upfront fee can be from $5,000 to $20,000. The royalty usually is from 2 ½% to 5% of sales.

You can also earn unlimited passive income forever in two ways:

(a) From books you write that you as well as others market.

(b) From advertising copy you may write for others who pay you an ongoing royalty.

2. Become a far more successful executive or entrepreneur.

Your success will always depend on how much profit you can bring to your company. This principle holds true whether you are an owner or executive.

Nothing can insure your success and value to any organization as sales copy that brings in cash flow, the lifeblood of any business.

3. Become able to successfully market virtually any product or service.

Once you learn the secrets of copywriting that pull sales and have knowledge of a particular business, you can literally market any product or service in any field. I’ve been successful in 47 different industries. And you could do the same.

4. Improve your ability to create powerful unique selling propositions (U.S.P’s) for any company product or service.

A powerful U.S.P for any business is a hugely important factor in its success. As a copywriter you’ll discover exactly how to differentiate any business from all others in the same field.

5. As you learn the psychological “hot buttons” that cause people to buy, you will better under-stand human behavior.

As a copywriter, you will by necessity have to learn the keys to human behavior. This knowledge will empower you to better succeed in all forms of human interaction.

6. Enjoy more personal freedom to live and work anywhere in the world.

You can operate a company and provide marketing expertise as well as copy, especially on the internet,from anywhere in the world. Copy is king and what drives the business. As a copywriter you can write for clients other than yourself from any location with e-mail, phone and fax technology. Clients don’t care where you are physically located as long as your copy produces sales.

7. By becoming more articulate, you will improve your negotiating skills, a highly valued trait.

Negotiating skills will enable you to better succeed in any interaction, including buying almost everything at wholesale prices, including advertising space, travel, clothing, car rentals,jewelry, etc.

8. Improved communication skills enable you to develop multiple income streams.

These include the creation of print products such as books, newsletter, e-zines, articles, special reports, blogs, TV and radio advertising. You can create your own information products for yourself and others and significantly increase your stream of income. Multiple streams of income is one secret utilized by nearly all wealthy people.

9. Become a far better public speaker, a terrific asset in any job or business.

If you so choose, your improved copywriting skills can be used as a foundation to build another income stream as a public speaker. Platform skills are, after all, just another form of communication.

10. Improve your attractiveness. Become a more sensitive, likeable person.

As a copywriter, by necessity you will discover that rare quality of changing places with others. You then can sense and consider their ideas and emotions in all communications.

Interesting people (and clients) will just naturally seek you out. Everyone loves a good active listener, a rare quality indeed.

11. You will master the fine art of salesmanship. Successful copy is salesmanship in print.

Perhaps the best way to learn sales (without the fear of rejection) is to master the ability to write copy.

12. You’ll become a far better judge of other copywriters you may hire or manage.

Even if you don’t want to write all, or even any, copy yourself, you’ll become much better at finding and evaluating copywriters who are capable of providing income-generating copy.

13. Increase your personal power.

Your power in the world rests on several factors which may include:

— Money
— Fame
— Good looks
— Contacts
— Political influence
— Communication skills

But by far the most important factor in attaining personal power are communication skills. Both oral and written.

The best way to improve communication skills is, again, to learn how to write effective copy.

All my success in business has been the direct result of my communication skills. Study copywriting and you undoubtedly will multiply your success level manyfold.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas