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Tuesday, October 3, 2006


The Internet is the most important communication breakthrough to reach the masses since Gutenberg.

But as dramatic as is its power to transmit communications worldwide, that’s not even the best part of the Internet.

Even more significant is that dictatorships which enslave citizens are no longer possible due to the World Wide Web.

For any government to completely control its people, it must be able to censor what citizens read. Or hear. Or see. Total censorship,therefore, is an absolute must.

But no government is powerful enough to stop a determined citizen from getting access to a computer today. A computer opens the door to possibly accessing the Internet. I saw what can happen in the real world with my own eyes in Cuba. While books, magazines, radio, and TV are completely censored, many Cuban people in small groups have found ways to smuggle in computers and secretly access the Internet. Result? It’s only a question of time before the long Cuban dictatorship and control are over once and for all.

In addition to the rewards of increasing individual freedom, another powerful force has been put in motion due to the Internet phenomenon. The information monopoly is shattered forever.

No longer does the mass media control the flow of information. The media giants like NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, etc. no longer have the field to themselves.

The goalkeepers in TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines have simply lost their authority.


Anyone can post on the Web!

You do not need to impress an editor either. The public becomes your editors.

The Internet is the hope of the world!

There are an estimated 12,000,000 bloggers,several of whom have several million readers.There are thousands of e-zine readers and e-books being read every single day. All these factors point to one inescapable conclusion.

A determined individual can become as powerful a force as any major media.

Perhaps you, too, can cash in while helping to make the world a better place. There is a vast,limitless audience of information seekers on theInternet.

If you offer an information product and it’s useful, well written, and worth reading, there is a very high probability it will be read. But, one fact is clear. Even if you offer valuable information and it’s presented in a dull and boring manner (as are most products on the web), your message will not find an audience.

You must move readers with your ideas. And your passion.

There is simply no substitute for good writing skills. Nor will there ever be.

** Writers are made, not born **

Regardless of common belief, writing is a learnable skill. I’ve literally seen hundreds of my students and protégés starting with zero writing skills become highly successful copywriters.

Many enjoy high six- and seven-figure incomes.

Many big names, online and offline, attribute their copywriting success to my influence.

Many articles have interviewed students and dubbed me “the millionaire maker.” You, too,can join this select millionaire group if you so desire. All that’s keeping you out of the elite group is the right know-how.

I’ve long taught the secrets of copywriting. ButI have just completed a new program which makes it easier, faster, and more economical than ever possible before. The key to huge mega success is to combine publishing, copywriting, and marketing using the Internet as well as some offline techniques. I’ve been thinking about how I can further empower my readers and clients in the exploding Information Publishing field.

I call my new program the Ted Nicholas “Information Publishing Business in a Box.” In this program, you receive everything you need to set up your own Information Publishing Business from home. All you need is a computer. Here is what you get in the program:

— The Millionaire Entrepreneur Home Study Course

— The Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp Home Study Course

— Reprint rights to five of my best -selling Books, including my soon-to-be-released latest book, “Advertising Secrets of Ted Nicholas”

— Suggestions for your own special Website

— Initial training and a full year of coaching by me

— And much, much more

Whether you are looking to start a new niche business or have an existing business, you really need to be in Information Publishing. And regardless of what you are selling, you shouldstill use published products as lead generators or bonus gifts to gain new customers. Nothing works better.

I’m strictly limiting the number of licenses in this proven program and offering complete details and answering questions only at a few live seminars. If you are at all interested, don’t pass up this opportunity while it still exists. Now is the time to publish your own e-zine, blog, or e-book and I will help you all I possiblycan.

As always, here’s to your increased Success Margin.

Your Correspondent,

Ted Nicholas