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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” — Rudyard Kipling.

Recently my friend J.S. asked: “Ted, what is the most important and exciting thing that’s happened to you during this past year?”

Perhaps he was expecting me to describe a breakthrough marketing campaign. Or an exciting new business venture.

My answer surprised him. I said, “A terrific result from my annual physical. Plus, getting the great news about the only age factor that counts–my biological age is 48.”

Bethany and I go to perhaps the world’s most technically advanced anti-aging clinic in Switzerland.

We both get an annual determination of our biological age. But our biological age is not merely a doctor’s opinion. It’s as scientific as you can get.

Our biological age is determined by a series of complex tests and evaluations. The tests were developed in 7 countries, including the U.S., Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. It’s as close as you can come to objective accuracy.

Knowing my biological age also gives me an annual target to surpass. Of course, I’m working on bringing that age down!

To me, health is by far the most important aspect of life and I work diligently to preserve and improve it.

I submit you cannot achieve the highest levels of personal and business success without good health.

Business realities at times require extra efforts. These activities often rest upon your level of energy and vitality.

To maximize your level of success, your energy reserves can give you that all-important margin.

That’s why I consider health a vitally important topic for The Success Margin. (Plus, since this e-zine is free, long-suffering subscribers must tolerate my scribbles about anything I’d like to sound off about!)

The experts tell us within the next 10 years, all of us will have the opportunity to live to age 120 and beyond. And I don’t mean just surviving. I’m talking about a vigorous, active life. Do you want to be among this group? I sure do.

The good news is that becoming a centenarian is soon to be within your grasp.

I’m not a doctor. So what qualifies me to discuss health?

First, since it fascinates me, I’ve been studying alternative and preventative medicine and nutrition all my adult life.

I also write a lot of copy for health publishers. So I must keep in touch with cutting-edge health
information and breakthroughs as part of my homework.

Plus, I’m an advisor to two successful companies in the health field. One in natural vitamin supplements
and another involved with natural herbs.

Based on my research over the years, here are the main conclusions to which I’ve come about the subject of health.

1. Health is the result mostly of lifestyle. Those actions you take towards your health are primarily
responsible for perhaps 85% of your health level and longevity. Genetics, once thought to be enormously important, usually play a much smaller role. Perhaps 10-15%.

2. Most doctors know little about nutrition. Or preventative medicine. However, doctors tend to be
excellent at practicing crisis medicine. They are experts and they help many suffering patients. But nurses actually get more training in nutrition than do doctors.

3. Practitioners of preventative and alternative medicine must learn these skills not in medical school but afterwards. They must discover on their own the remarkable success of numerous proven alternative treatment techniques.

Many natural remedies are better and safer than prescription drugs.

Those doctors who advocate successful alternative medicine solutions are great heroes. And they save
many lives.

But to practice unconventional medicine they often have to undergo harassment by many parties. These
include pharmaceutical companies as well as government agencies, local and federal.

4. Natural food supplements are necessary if you wish to achieve optimum health. You simply cannot get all the nutrition you need from today’s foods alone, even if you consume a so-called “balanced

Of course, I’ve never met anyone who consumed a so-called balanced diet. Have you?

Since it’s almost impossible to consume a diet which sufficiently partakes daily from all food groups, I doubt such a person even exists except in mythology.

Also, I’m not aware of a single conventional doctor who asked the important questions about their
patient’s diet. (This should be part of any routine physical examination in my view.)

Foods grown in today’s mineral-depleted soils simply do not contain the minerals and vitamins they once did. Plus, they are sprayed with insecticides and other poisons which accumulate in the body.

To improve your diet and nutritional health you need to be evaluated by a physician who practices
alternative medicine and get his/her recommendations.

5. You’ve heard it a million times before. But it is worth repeating. Thirty minutes to an hour of
vigorous exercise is crucially important at least 5 days a week. There is no substitute.

You’ve got to move your body. I favor fast walking,jogging, swimming and weight resistance as the
preferred exercise choices.

I’ve saved the best for last, dear reader. I can also assure you of this. You won’t see what you are
about to read anywhere else on this beautiful planet.

6. The mental food your feed yourself is at least as important as the physical food you eat.

I believe that over 90% of all illness and disease is psychosomatically induced. Get your thinking on
the right track and good health usually follows.

Your body will actually heal itself when it feasts on positive mental food.

Both Bethany and I are cancer survivors. I’m convinced both of us beat the big C mostly through the power of visualization. Thinking positive thoughts and visualizing the cancer cells dying and flowing out of our bodies actually helped this result to manifest itself in reality.

While science can’t prove this healing yet, it’s only a question of time. And there are enough case
histories and empirical evidence to make a believer of almost anyone.

There is no question, to maintain health your self-talk is crucially important. You are silently saying
around 1,000 words each minute. If the words you use are positive, studies confirm you can actually
lower blood pressure, build your immune system,and increase healing entirely by the words you
choose to use when you talk to yourself.

Since most self-talk is extremely negative, it takes a major effort to change this pattern. But it’s definitely worth it!

If you get a chance to hear him speak, I highly recommend listening to Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D.,
perhaps the world’s leading anti-aging expert. If there are any doubts in your mind, I’m sure you
will soon be convinced that a long, healthy life is within your reach.

Your correspondent,

Two books that are also helpful are “New Anti Aging Revolution” by Dr. Ronald Klatz and “Quest for Immortality” by S. Jay Olshansky.

Yours in good health,

Ted Nicholas

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